Donald Glover Is AWESOME

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Donald Glover Is AWESOME 5
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_Such a career ahead of him as well_ : *SIMBA*, *SPIDERMAN*, *CALRISSIAN*, *HIS AMAZING TV SHOW* and more to come...

Автор — Who Media


In the beginning of the clip where he's singing next to James Cordin, he was PISSED when they asked him out of the blue to sing. He got into it later.

Автор — Vanillastump


For people like donald glover the compilation video needs to be a good 15 minutes minimum then when people cry for more you give them part 2... another 15 mins

Автор — JayPaulOfficial


"wait, I eat you." I'm so dead 😂😂😂😙

Автор — King Kaido


He is my favorite person, what a role model

Автор — corbin m


I want Donald glover and Tyler the creator to make a video together

Автор — Dante Water


He is the upcoming Lando and Simba! This guy will be the next big thing!!!

Автор — Kira-Rey-from-nowhere Skywalker


He could have gone to the NFL, if only it weren't for that keg flip.

Автор — choncy barbosa


You can tell who is a better host between Jimmy and James just by this video

Автор — SamuraiSeth Gaming


donald glover: oh wow a coyote
coyote: oh wow donald glover

Автор — kai brooks


the bit with the tampons is definitely chappelle inspired. Everybody loves chappelle

Автор — Lobo Lâm


Do you have a link for the Stand Up he was doing in the yellow shirt?

Автор — wolv


If I was Jewish I wouldn't want to be near a camp. Seriously though. ... too soon donglover, too soon.

Автор — lythsian


I thought this was Childish Gambino ;)

Автор — Lukkcy


What movie what are they talking about at 1:36

Автор — Larry Atkinson


"The Soul Train awards were tonight...

... you promised butt stuff."

Автор — Ms Conniption


Is this the dude that had the voice of Marshall Lee in Adventure time?

Автор — Lonex


Figuring out Donald Glover was Childish Gambino was one thing, but hearing that he was also Marshall Lee from Adventure Time really made me flip my shit

Автор — The Sarcastic One


Hmm I don't respect the Holocaust jokes

Автор — Oscar Carr


He's a comedian, a singer, a dancer, an actor, and an awesome person!

Автор — Radical Rabbit