Why I Left Nickelodeon

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Why I Left Nickelodeon 5
After 20 years of creating shows like Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, and Bunsen is a Beast... it's time to go.

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Thank you so much for sharing your time with us and voicing your faith in your departure. You are a legend and whatever comes next you'll have my full support.

Автор — INfutureTENSE w/ James E. Hahn


I'm 32, and I've watched the Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom since the beginning with my younger siblings. Those were some great shows 👍🏼

Автор — Eva Lopez


Remember when Spongebob Squarepants wasn’t Nick’s life support?

Автор — Correxus


Glad you aren't afraid to talk about your faith brother !! I'm 18 and these shows along with spongebob snd jimmy neutron shaped my childhood.. thank you so much. Thank you snd god bless you are part of my childhood

Автор — William Hickey


I still remember the biggest cross-over in my life was the "Jimmy Timmy" thing. I'm only 19 (born in '99), but you'll always be apart of my childhood. Thank you!

Автор — Alyssa Simone


Looks like an older Drake Bell sounds like Jason Bateman

Автор — Oriaj


*God bless you for using your platform to witness to people.*

*I wish you well in wherever life takes you from here!*

Автор — ContactingTheDead


When YouTube pays you more than Nickelodeon

Автор — AJ Productions


Oh man, it's like the end of an era here. You single-handedly created almost half of my childhood. Good luck, wherever your future takes you.

Автор — Connor Tyler


I personally loved danny phantom and my life as a teenage robot when i was kid those shows were amazing i grew up with them same with fairly odd parents thank you butch for 20 years of being on Nickelodeon

Автор — Mask Gamer


Appreciate your devotion to God, brother! Stay honest!

Автор — Cake Gaming


You are my complete inspiration and childhood. 💚

When Fairly Odd Parents first aired I was super skeptic, but recently I just rewatched “Channel Chasers” 14 years later, and that feeling of being a hyped little kid who heavily grew up with Nickelodeon came right on back. Your work has inspired me to pursue into voices and make people laugh on YouTube. I just want to thank you for giving me the strength in finding my dream and I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Hartman. 👊🏻

Автор — Vannamelon


God Bless you Mr. Hartman. I wish you the best.

Автор — CasterXD


Props to you for showing your faith, I know in more popular industries like animation and other artsy careers its a bit discriminated against so I really appreciate you and your choices.

Автор — Syndrome The Umbreon


Mr. Hartman, I have been watching your cartoons for as long as I remember. From Fairly Oddparents when I was 3, Danny Phantom when I was 7, to even Tuff Puppy when I was 13, and I just want to say that all of your cartoons have brought me soo much happiness through all my years of living. Thank you, for making these shows on Nickelodeon, for bringing happiness to my life, even on my darkest of days, thank you! And I hope you have the greatest of luck from now onwards in life!

Автор — Shakeel Leonard


Looks like Nickelodeon is gonna have a hard time now.

They’ll no longer have that magic touch from Butch.

Автор — thebahooplamaster


Go to Cartoon Network and make a serious Danny phantom or an anime version

Автор — the idiotpeace


Bring back Danny Phantom pls!! That show was the greatest along with Fairly OddParents!!
Thanks for uploading this :)

Автор — Asap Toastyy's Dubs


First of all, it is so great to see you be so unashamed of your faith, Butch! Glory be to God ❤️ second, thank you for everything you’ve done for myself and so many others. Your work brought so much joy to me as a child and still does! I wish you the best with wherever you are leaded from this point on!

Автор — Cali Casanova


I’m not Christian or religious at all, but what you’ve said here doesn’t even need to apply to a religion. Following passion and putting your dreams into action is a very scary but necessary thing to do. If you hadn’t done so, you wouldn’t have made these shows that so many people grew up with. You’ve inspired many people of many different backgrounds and beliefs, and that’s truly admirable. I look forward to your work in the future, even if it’s outside of a studio like nick.

Автор — Kaiser Inferno S