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Изображение TWICE (트와이스) - Candy Pop | Line Distribution Изображение TWICE (트와이스) - Candy Pop | Line Distribution Изображение TWICE (트와이스) - Candy Pop | Line Distribution
TWICE (트와이스) - Candy Pop | Line Distribution 5
Do you know who gets the most lines?

Artist: TWICE (트와이스)
Song: Candy Pop
Released: 2018

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Momo is great at pre chrous, chrous and ab libs and she barely got any . she helps makes songs what they are like signal and likey

Автор — Arnez Juggins


Jeongyeon high note is always on point

Автор — IKSI Entertainment


Aw I wish Momo had more lines :'(

Автор — ThatFairyOtaku


*You are so freaking fast!*




I think the reason why this is quite unfailry distributed is that because the chorus were too long and that only Nayeon (which always appears as the chorus opener) followed by Jihyo(increasing the intensity of the song's chorus) and Jeongyeon(chorus ender) always has the most suiting voice for the part. The other lyrics were actually distributed to all members (if you obeserved they didnt even get a chance to have a straight 5-10seconds of their own lines) .

Though MV appears to be really kiddy (a cute version which suits Sana' and Dahyun's visual and Momo's anime voice) . If only they had more lines other than the chorus then this should have given the other members better line distribution.

Just saying though. Jeonyeon is my bias and I really love her voice when she gets some of the opening and 2nd verses.

Автор — henry caderao


Aww momoring!! Hopefully next comeback or j comeback you get more lines, so you can finally shine ☺️ But overall proud of the girls, songs a bop 💓

Автор — TWRVBPGF Fangirl


Momo.. my bias.. give her more lines.. she isn't the best singer but I love her voice so so so much hhh

Автор — Melon Cubes


We are all Once so enjoy and support the song and Twice. But admit this line distribution is a throw back. Some of the lines could have been better distributed. Especially as its an anime and japanese song. This happens when there's too much rush. Let the girls chill a bit and comeback hard and ready. They can all sing good with time to practise. And we Once like all their unique voices, thats all. Love them all equally truly!! TWICE & ONCE fighting!! :)

Автор — F. HASHI


Nayeon CAN sing and is good at it so I don't get why some are triggered about that! I get the others deserve more but don't hate on sweet Nabong, she doesn't have control over distributions and stuff.
But I'm really pissed about the fact Momo only got to sing three parts and one of them wasn't even in japanese, I blame the dumb producer for not making their japanese releases more suitable for JLine, like where's the logic?

Автор — Byun Sunhae


I found it cute but Sana's hair...I found it cuter

Автор — Jjin Ss


Don’t be sad Momo stans. Momo is the main dancer... she may get a dance break or we can be happy with the ones we got before.


Автор — Eomma KPOP


poor Momo, she's Japanese line but she got the least lines T-T

Автор — Seulgi is Sehun's wife and Tzuyu is their child


Nayeon got the most lines!! Why am I so happy??😂😂😂

Автор — jenniekim lovely


After this, I'm still wondering if Jihyo is still the main vocalist. :(

Edit: And I don't mean it like I'm angry at Nayeon.



*Can we all agree at Nayeon as the 2nd main vocalist of TWICE??* Her voice suits every part of songs 💜(chorus, bridge..etc) but no one can beat GodJihyo of course 💕😍

Автор — Yhen Sone


Momo 😢 I love her voice and i want her to get more lines 💕
Btw i love this song so much its very beautiful 💕🍭

Автор — • MIC DROP •


You guys realize 20sec of nayeon line is adlib right? 🙄

Автор — Như Nguyễn


Im almost certain that Nayeon is a 2nd main vocalist now. she always gets the 2nd most lines or the most lines.

Автор — Stan BTS and CLC No Life


It is Momo's national language yet she still got the shortest part

Автор — Taylor Han


jeongyeon got lines!!!!
and also the end result is basically vocal ranking, just put jeongyeon where mina is and chaeyoung where tzuyu/sana is. (but tzuyu infront of sana)

Автор — SaMaknae


Jeongyeon could have easily sung Nayeons adlibs (not sure if that’s what they’re called) and the line distribution would’ve been better, and Dahyun has proved she can sing so I don’t understand why she’s not getting more lines as well. And for Momo, it’s straight up just injustice this is totally the concept for her voice

Автор — gen herbst