Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC — Авто и транспорт

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Jeremy and James must rescue Hammond but which truck will serve better to get to him and how will Hammond survive on his own?

From Top Gear, Series 22 Episode 6.

This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

Скачать — Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC

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Комментарии к видео
Автор: Shane Earley
Damn I love that Raptor, what a beast of a machine!
Дата: 28.01.2016

Автор: Krayorotix
i think hammond went insane after 4:01
Дата: 20.10.2016

Автор: roji
IN THE COCK HA! hahahahaha love this
Дата: 06.11.2016

Автор: Tó Trigo
Filmed in British Columbia, Canada.
Дата: 05.07.2016

Автор: Chris Hoover
Good thing Jeremy had that spare tire.... which he decided not to replace the shredded one with.
Дата: 28.01.2016

Автор: More Human Than Human
Jeremy must have been the ONLY person in the world who didn't know to drive low and slow with tire chains.
Дата: 05.09.2016

Автор: phillyslasher
This was a good episode, though not a good Pickup truck review IMO. They didn't cover how well the truck performs when aggressively tailgating the person in front of them, they didn't test using the high beams when tailgating somebody, they failed to test the trucks performance when weaving wildly through traffic without using a turn signal nor did they recklessly cut off motorist on the highway. Furthermore they didn't test how many Budlight cans they could throw in the bed, or how many Fox Racing, Monster Energy or Famous Stars and Straps decals they could fit on the back window and lastly, neither James or Jeremy wore a sleeveless shirt. Guys, this is BASIC pickup truck stuff here. I was disappointed.
Дата: 23.10.2016

Автор: Erik Mickelson
Even with a flat tire the Ford Raptor makes it up the mountain first!
Дата: 13.11.2016

Автор: jayive34
Too bad Richard didn't get to drive a pick-up. He would have loved it.
Дата: 03.06.2016

Автор: Spencer Cheng
geez i miss seeing jeremy thrashing about in cars
Дата: 28.01.2016

Автор: The Drifter Within
Did Richard receive knife throwing training or something? That was some Rambo shit.
Дата: 11.08.2016

Автор: GuRu GuMp
the spare tire is for looks i guess
Дата: 21.10.2016

Автор: Hayden Russell
BBC getting me hyped for the new Amazon show
Дата: 28.01.2016

Автор: cubedmack
The Raptor had rear chains on already. At 4:53, you can see the chains on the back wheels.
Дата: 19.09.2016

Автор: ICommandoI
What is actually more funnier is the fact that Mr Slow got lost and was on the wrong mountain, leaving Hammond to fend for him self for several more days. Meanwhile Clarkson was already back at the airport having a zesty drink.
Дата: 04.05.2016

Автор: sunzoutgunzout 88
lmao a street tow truck vs a henessy raptor what a good feeling it is for ford owners you beat a stock truck lmao
Дата: 18.11.2016

Автор: Alabama1700
This isn't even a fair competition you put a Chevy 2500 a truck specialized for towing vs a Ford Raptor a truck meant for off roading.
Дата: 23.11.2016

Автор: Andrew Samy
"God I love this thing", talks shit about every American manufacturer.
Дата: 28.01.2016

Автор: Mike Vincent
I usually will go Chevy over Ford, but that raptor is badass
Дата: 23.10.2016

Автор: Unays Sheikh
see, this is what top gear was supposed to be.
Дата: 06.11.2016

Автор: jldude84
Lol when I have a really shitty day, I just picture Jeremy making snow roosters in a 600hp Ford truck giggling his English ass off and my day immediately brightens.
Дата: 11.10.2016

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