Donald Glover: Why Are There No 'Crazy Man' Stories? - Comedy Central Presents

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Donald Glover: Why Are There No 'Crazy Man' Stories? - Comedy Central Presents 5
Donald Glover always wanted to know why women don't have any stories about "crazy men" in their lives, but upon reflection, he's figured it out.

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I still laugh and think of this special whenever I go to a Home Depot and see a toilet. O.O

Автор — Zara Evander


It’s crazy how you can be a rapper, writer, actor, comedian, DJ. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an astronaut

Автор — Chuck Connex


So clearly Donald Glover is psychic and knew about Incels before any of us.

Автор — Daryl McSweeney


Donald Glover as 'Richard Pryor'!!!
Huh!!?! Huh!!?! Am i RIGHT, or WHAT!!?!?!?
lets get it done!

Автор — jack bone


This guy can sing his ass off and act and is funny

Автор — robert griffin


Stepped on my foot and u ain't say NUFFIN.

Автор — Thurgood Jenkins


who is this creature?...he raps like a phenomenon, he does comedy like a boss, he acts, and produces. he cant be human...he is better than us!!....keep an eye on him he might be an artistic god someday!!!

Автор — Siddharth Pillay


At the start, he says 'like' 4 times in 7 seconds...
That's over one a second.

Автор — Shadow Heart


Amongst other things, the world's greatest Donald.

Автор — insomniacfolder


You don't hear "crazy boyfriend" stories because 95% them include assault, and people generally don't pull those stories out as fun anecdotes.

Автор — mercygal1


I used to think Childish was corny but I really dig Atlanta. That's his best project imo.

Автор — Tone Riggz


Not bad, needs to tighten his material.

Автор — graham bull


So true about crazy men. My ex was crazy and tried to kill me and while he was on the run from the cops he called me and said ...."I bought you a pair of jeans" and all I could say is your even crazier than I freaking thought and hung up. Like buying me a pair of jeans was going to make me say oh I know you just tried to stab me to death but it's so sweet you thought of me enough to buy me jeans oh I forgive you!

Автор — Christy Smith


Don't feel bad for the pretend lady who can't get up the pretend steps; I heard she was faking it.

Автор — Howtard


Great actor, great musician, horrible standup comic

Автор — John Joo


Donald glover's fierce woman eyes are soo intense lol

Автор — Chloe Young


This started out strong but kind of went nowhere with the school stuff. I mean think about it he went straight from telling a story about sleeping in the bed "with his girl" then it went to being a gradeschooler and having fire drills. Strange mental pictures

Автор — Oh Em Jee


That first joke is stolen, I don't remember where from, but it is.

Автор — Pablo Vidal Peinado


Not a fan of his stand up but everything else is great

Автор — Joey Flacko


I didn't laugh at all.. like not even a giggle

Автор — Earnest Shealey