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Изображение Spyker Car Review - Top Gear - BBC Изображение Spyker Car Review - Top Gear - BBC Изображение Spyker Car Review - Top Gear - BBC
Spyker Car Review - Top Gear - BBC 5
The Top Gear team review the Spyker C8. Jeremy takes it out for a test drive to scrutinise the cool design by the revived Dutch company.

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Beautiful looking car until it has a top on, then it looks like mix beetween a speed boat and pick up truck.

Автор — Mikael K


this car looks perfect....without the hardtop on. with it on it looks like a guy with a huge forehead

Автор — Evan Boyer


Funny how so many countries think we speak german...
We speak dutch, it's a whole lot different.

Автор — TheGameMasterA


Donkervoort and Daf are also Dutch

Автор — DVP2000


Spykers are wonderfully weird and fantastically beautiful in the strangest ways. This manufacturer is something special.

Автор — Mr. Raw and Unedited


4:40. i just died. what a joke track to use. i just think: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. LOL

Автор — Michael Williams


was lucky enough to see one in the street. In the video it looks awful but in real life it's stunning

Автор — Rytis36


4:40 It's always sunny in Amsterdam

Автор — Nick C


I think Id punch an infant for one of these. Wow.

Автор — snappy452


There is no build-in telephone because they were forbidden in the Netherlands

Автор — Matthijs effekes


5:05 did any1 but me notice the Its always sunny in Philadelpia music?

Автор — Oprah2020


at front it look like aston martin a little bit, anyone agree?

Автор — Miron Klescik


If I could pick a car to look like a luxury aeroplane from the late 20s or early 30s then this would have to be it.

Автор — CockatooDude


''They don't have any dealers, but they do have like a mate, who sells to friends.'' Kills me every time XD

Автор — SRFriso94


Pass the dutchie on the left hand side ;)

Автор — Kasper Bang


Not a fan of the way it looks with the roof on.

Автор — Dr Fear & Co.


"Yup, it's an Amsterdammer."

NOPE, it's not.

Spyker is from Zeewolde.

Автор — pipodebeuker


Pagani style interior... before huayra came out

Автор — Fabricio Giampietro


dutch people be like: buy a spyker c8 an you'll get 50 kilo's of marajuana for free!

Автор — koen trouwborst


Good thing I'm not from Holland but from one of the other regions. It excludes me from going on holiday in a caravan or vomiting over girls.

Автор — Lennart


I like these kinda cars. No heavy equiptment, just a car

Автор — Vegar Jørgenstuen