Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News — Новости и политика

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Изображение Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News Изображение Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News Изображение Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News
Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News 2.5
The US, UK and France have carried out air and missile strikes in Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack last Saturday
The US says three targets were struck - a research facility in Damascus and storage facilities near Homs
Russia said missiles were also aimed at other targets but many were intercepted by air defences
President Trump said the allies had "marshalled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality"
Russia's president Putin condemned the strikes and called for an urgent UN meeting
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the "aggression" has redoubled Syria's determination to "crush terrorism"

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who the fuck may think she is thatcher?

Автор — paul barnes


What will happen to the alwaites after Assad gets removed? The bloodshed will never end :(

Автор — Elder Maxson


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell

Автор — TuaTara


Where is the evidence? This is Weapons of Mass Destruction all over again. Only this time, the people aren't falling for it; and no amount of BBC propaganda is going to change that.

Автор — Namaste1001


“Who wants to be friends with a regime that commits mass murder” Trump to Russia and Iran. Such a contradictory statement since the USA align themselves with Saudi Arabia

Автор — James Mattocks


Warmongering idiots! all of them!!! May, Trump, Putin, Assad etc... and in the end, who pays the price?!! not them, that's for sure. It's always the boys and girls who get sent out to do their dirty work, and anyone unlucky enough to get in the way. After 18 years in the service I have lost too many friends and colleagues to these petty political games and bullshit. They act like todlers, and we pay with our limbs and lives. Enough is enough!



Lybia was better with Kadhafi than without Kadhafi. No weapon of mass destruction has ever been found in Iraq

Автор — stalin nditor


No evidence, no investigation, no UN resolution, no mandate, no debate, no vote = WAR CRIME.

Автор — lawrence roper


Hi guys. Suffering hangover. Couldn't throw up then saw prime minister. It helped. Thanks.

Автор — Judenrat ul. Czerska


Time to send the refugees back to Syria. They seem happy. All that street dancing.

Автор — stargate905


0:44 "Interceptor rockets fired in retaliation"

Didn't know shooting down enemy rockets was an act of retaliation

Автор — Alpha_Centauri


What a waist of money. Our teachers could have used that money.

Автор — Kajoun Newman


Bombing for peace is like fvcking for virginity .

Автор — Queenie C.


after finding no traces of chemical weapons the reason now for bombing Syria was humanitarian reason. but actually you don't bomb a country for humanitarian reason.

Автор — cris aldea


Just as Bashar al-Assad's forces were close to victory against Islamic Jihadist groups such as ISIS and FSA in Eastern Ghouta, which was 90% liberated, his forces thought this is the best time to chemically attack our own civilians whom we are liberating in order to bring the whole world against us. But never mind about intervening in the Gulf to save Yemeni children who are confirmed to have actually been killed by the army of Saudi Arabia because our brothers America are funding them to kill these children. Never mind about the spike in murders across London and the increase in Gun and Knife crime and trying to stop teenagers from joining gangs. Never mind about half the problems in the UK that are more important as this in our country, but worry about an "alleged chemical attack" that is still under investigation and go against democracy by not even letting parliament vote on this. But worry about the Assad because Russia's on his side and turn another country into a fighting arena between Russia and the East and America and the West which has taken place before in Afghanistan before you created Al-Qaeda. Seems like Islamic Jihadist groups seem to enlarge after our supposed victory against these evil secular Arab governments

Автор — Dardan Çelaj


‘Dislikes’ as many as ‘Likes’. How is this “trending”? Because the YT algorithm keeps pushing it, regardless if people want to see it or not.

Автор — RNY


Lies, propaganda and misinformation as usual.

Автор — Harry Wonker


Chemical weapon is just an excuse for u to invade Syria, and control the resources of the Middle East .

Автор — yi wang


im ashamed of britain. we are owned and brainqashed by a goverment thats controled. wake up world!! i hope....they bomb us on our own soil and kill people and do damage to our infrasrtucture! pleeeaassee...let them bomb us!!!

Автор — Scotty Bampot


Non of this is needed we could just live in peace and love the people around us instead of creating such wars

Автор — iBilisonGod - IBG