Kelly Clarkson - I Don't Think About You [Official Video]

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Kelly Clarkson - I Don't Think About You [Official Video] 5

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she deserve more views and recognition, seriously. this song is amazing.

Автор — R D N


She always my idol.. Love you kelly... I very love your voice.

Автор — tokiran


*Undoubtedly one of the greatest vocalists of this generation.* ✨
Even y'all haters know that it's true!

Автор — GarageStudio


ohhh my god so beautiful 🙏 ohhh how much talent God bless you Kelly good job

Автор — Yaritza Perez


This song is LEGIT. And she sounds ridiculously amazing. A fine 🍷!!!

Автор — Eric Michael Krop


For me, Kelly Clarkson is the only legit winner of American Idol. Will always love her and her songs.

Автор — Atisatya Arifin


Thank you Kelly, for you beautiful music. I love you 😘

Автор — Leidy Muñoz


Well ..that just made me "ugly cry" seriously!!! So moving!

Автор — Kariné Poghosyan


I’ve probably listened to this song 10 times! Such a powerful song. Hope this song sends confirmation to many individuals out there who are trying to get out of a bad situation. Thank you Kelly!

Автор — Melinda Caldwell


I was waiting for my train when I first listened to this song. I was crying in the middle of the station but I didn't care. Kelly, the song is incredible and you are awesome.

Автор — Binamé Jésus


You are such a beautiful woman! And, the gal who plays the "younger you", looks more like you, than YOU do! Ha, ha!!! Thanks so much for the music. Please don't ever turn into a diva, because we have too many already 😜 You are incredibly funny!!! Love that about you! 🍃❤🍃❤🍃

Автор — Robin Seibel


This one of the most beautiful songs Kelly ever wrote, the video is absolutely beautiful

Автор — Wesley Sales


Kelly FINALLY has FULL artistic control! She's made incredible hits, but this album is her greatest! She's free & sounds better than she's ever sounded before! "Who knew that was even possible??!!!" <3

Автор — Jimmy Ray


This is such an inspirational song...about standing tall no matter how your past was...This made me cry.

AN ICONIC WOMAN, Kelly Clarkson👑👑👏👏.

Автор — dhruba intisher


This song is so underrated.She deserves better recognition

Автор — Kdf Syahmi


I never put a lot of thought into Kelly Clarkson but this song shows the most amazing vocal range and I put her up there with Mariah, Christina and Whitney!

Автор — Autumn Esparza


This is like the sequel song to Because of You.

Автор — Matt Barker


WOW! amazing performance and song apart from the swear word.

Автор — Glenda Paul


This song is the shit...You go girl..!!.That voice That wonderful awesome voice...Pipe it out Kelly.

Автор — lee wilson


Oh... My... Gosh...
Why didn't I see this Music Video sooner?!? 😵😱
This was a brilliant story video production for the song and message, it's one of my favorites from the album for I could relate to the message so much, with letting all of those things in the past that are hard to let go, and move on to be happy and strong again. Which we could all relate to! 😣😐😏

Kelly is really beautiful here, from the dress and make uo, she is such an icon and inspiration to others, that slays with her vocals and artistry! Which can be shown here! 👏😁💕

Автор — RomanticWaltz2764