The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC - Top Gear - BBC

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The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC - Top Gear - BBC 5
Jeremy drives the Peel P50, the world's smallest production car to work at the BBC and meets a few famous faces along the way.

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I want one!
_[looks at their website. Sells for $21k]_

Автор — Daniel Renard


I would love to see a modern, optimized version of this thing. A few more essential features thrown in there, cram as much functionality as possible into it while retaining its size and weight. I wonder how much better it could possibly be if manufactured today.

Автор — GerikDT


Imagine hitting a pothole in that thing...

Автор — Kyle's Tech Channel


I wonder if anybody who was watching that news channel actually saw jeremy

Автор — Tai Shane


the real reason the original topgear was stopped is because Jeremy's gotten lost in the building.

Автор — Steve Spencer


Now imagine ripping out the 49cc and throwing a Hayabusa engine in it.

Автор — JRC99


I wish I got the P50 so I can park it in my bedroom and drive it to work.

Автор — Blue91233


6:05 she does have quite a nice bottom LOL

Автор — Jazzy Jas


Those who own this are clearly compensating for a very large penis.

Автор — Max Power


I can see BBC people thinking: "Oh, it's the Top Gear guys again with their nonsense."

Автор — Valtteri Manala


British Man Steals Street-Legal Car and Goes on Low-Speed Chase through the top floor of an office building

Автор — Michael Benedict


This clip is solid proof that firing Clarkson was one of the BBC's biggest mistakes in their entire history.

Автор — Ian V. Raybeck


I drive this car everyday.

Because I'm always third-wheeling

Автор — A Potato


In America if it's under 50cc you don't even need a license to drive it on the road.

Автор — tman008


Would love to get one of those here in the US and bring it to one of the local car shows. It will get more attention than the dozen Mustangs, Chevelles, Camaros and GTO's you see at every one. How often can you keep looking at the same type of cars? One of these would be great!

Автор — Bayan1905


They should have made The Stig drive it

Автор — Skandiii 68


There is a model with a reverse gear now, Im gonna buy 5...

Автор — Captain-Admiral


How many people do you think saw Jeremy pulling his car into work and thought "Oh hey that's Jeremy" and just weren't surprised at all?

Автор — borel2016


2:47 "How fair is that?  It's not like I'm creating any pollution at all!"

Автор — briansmobile1


This car looks more fun than my Dirt Bike!

Автор — MuddyBob 650