Video of the moment when the Russian plane crashes Ан-148 An-148 С russia Saratov Airlines АМОЛЕТ — Новости и политика

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Изображение Video of the moment when the Russian plane crashes Ан-148 An-148 С russia Saratov Airlines АМОЛЕТ Изображение Video of the moment when the Russian plane crashes Ан-148 An-148 С russia Saratov Airlines АМОЛЕТ Изображение Video of the moment when the Russian plane crashes Ан-148 An-148 С russia Saratov Airlines АМОЛЕТ
Video of the moment when the Russian plane crashes Ан-148 An-148 С russia Saratov Airlines АМОЛЕТ 4
Russian plane crash kills all 71 people on board, state media say
MOSCOW — A Russian plane carrying 71 people crashed shortly after takeoff in the Moscow region on Sunday afternoon, most likely killing all onboard, according to local news reports. Flight 703, operated by Saratov Airlines, was carrying 65 passengers and six crew members from Domodedovo to Orsk when it went down near the village of Argunovo, about 50 miles southeast of Moscow, Sputnik news agency reported. Fragments of the plane and many bodies were discovered near the village of Stepanovskoe, the official news agency Tass, reported, citing a spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry. The Russian aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, confirmed that the plane, an AN-148 aircraft, departed at 2:21 p.m. from Domodedovo Airport when it disappeared from radar shortly after.“Several minutes after takeoff, radio connection with the crew disappeared, the plane’s mark disappeared from radars,” the agency said in a statement.
The ministry said “rescue workers, ambulances and firefighters” headed to the site.Самолет АН-148, вылетевший из Домодедово в Орск, потерпел крушение. На борту было 65A Russian plane has crashed after taking off from Moscow, according to Russian media. The Saratov Airlines An-148 jet, was en route to the city of Orsk when it vanished from radar. Russian news agencies reported 65 passengers and 6 crew were on board. пассажиров и экипаж. Первые кадры с места крушения.
Москва. 11 февраля. INTERFAX.RU - Пассажирский самолет "Саратовских авиалиний" потерпел крушение после вылета из "Домодедово" в Орск, сообщил "Интерфаксу" источник в экстренных службах."Предположительно самолет разбился в районе деревни Аргуново. Шансов выжить у членов экипажа и пассажиров не было", - сказал источник.Ранее источник сообщил "Интерфаксу", что Ан-148 пропал с экранов радаров после вылета из Москвы в Орск. Связь с экипажем установить не удалось. На борту находился 71 человек - 65 пассажиров и шесть членов экипажа.Очевидцы сообщили в экстренные службы о падении самолета в Раменском районе Подмосковья.АО "Саратовские авиалинии" создано в мае 1994 года, выполняет перевозки внутри России и международные чартерные рейсы. Парк авиакомпании включает пять самолетов Аplane, avion, САМОЛЕТ , Ан-148 , An-148 , russie, russia, Saratov Airlines н-148-100, семь Як-42 и два Embraer-190. plane, avion, САМОЛЕТ , Ан-148 , An-148 , russie, russia, Saratov Airlines
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Peace be with all those that were on this flight.

Автор — Earthly Patriot


Comment section its pure cancer !!! Rip all those poor people 😢

Автор — largate antes de que te haga mi puta!


Damn. Thoughts are with friends and relatives. RIP. 😦

Автор — Zowie


THIS TIME, it seems they really DID have the dirt on the Clintons...

Автор — Johnny Soporno


Russian planes are designed to crash..

Автор — f4cphantom2


Это постановка, аналогично ростовскому боингу, видимо народ надо срочно отвлечь, этими постановками занимается группа ЦЕХ.

Автор — kot Leopold


Это подрыв на земле. Не видно частей, которые падают с неба.

Автор — Slava Zitomirskiy


Оппа.походу это свежее видео и похоже на правду

Автор — Roma Guriev


"On 14 October 2015, the Russian aviation authorities sanctioned Saratov Airlines after a violation of security rules. The airline was therefore no longer allowed to operate flights to destinations outside of Russia from 26 October 2015" ... big red flag from wikipedia. Allways check with what airlines and planes you flight with :( RIP

Автор — Eric 94836


Взрыв - не это. Тут крушение емкостей с керосином и последующее объемное возгорание.

Автор — Vl Al


Господи как страшно!!! Одному Богу известно понимали ли они что падают?Было ли им больно?Страшно? Соболезнования родным и скорбит вместе с вами!

Автор — Марина Обищенко


I don't know what the frame capture rate of surveillance cameras is. Obviously it's not that of HD video. But the fact that you don't see the airplane itself at all before the fire would seem to indicate it came in very fast and almost straight down. The condition of the wreckage indicated the same. Maybe a stall/spin or spatial disorientation. Or possibly deliberate act or sabotage. Either way, very sad.

Автор — David Tilley


RIP. :( Very sad. Condolences to the innocent victims.(

Автор — Shlomi Vaknin


Hillary Clinton Email ID 1606. Look it up. Rothschilds running the show. Rothschild Clinton Israel UK. Another plane crash with people/witnesses who might onow something about Hilary Clinton this time Uranium One. No witness(es) no case(s). She answers to Rothschild, its in the wikileaks emails. Look it up in the Wikileaks Hillary Clinton emails archive. She took Tony Blair with her amd had to ASK FOR PENANCE from Lady Rothschild and Tony Blair apologized THROUGH Clinton, for him not going to his date with his Rothschild master instead. Oh and Clinton was telling Rothschild about US Israel business involving Netanyahu apparently. So I souodnt be surprised if UK and Israeli intelligence is involved in any way with Clinton Body Count. Look it up EMAIL ID 1601

Автор — WINTER Time


It must have been flying very low, I replayed it many times and cannot see it drop...

Автор — TheSpritz0


No need to feel sorry about some spilled Russians.

Автор — Blake Oshag


How many Ukranians have been killed by Russians? Less Russians = better life for Europe

Автор — Mike White


When France be hited by terrorist - Russians put flowers near France embassy in Moscow. When Russians killed by terrorists or in other tragedies, western countries even doesn't show it on TV. When I reading some of the comments see I can't understand!!! Wtf going on with this world! Why people so angry? Why they like to feel hate???? Are u really think this people should die only because they are Russians???!! Because US doesn't like Putin???? Stupid, angry world! Hopefully God gonna punish all of this haters!

Автор — Daniel Kee


Russia is a wasteland of white snow and nothingness. Why don't they all just leave. No need to lock the doors. Just leave and move to some place thousands of miles away that is warm. Too of the worst places that humans have ever occupied must be russia and canada. There is simply no point wasting your life in cold misery when there are so many nice places on earth.

Автор — Coleen West


Why is here always ppl saying stupid comment !ppl die here show some respect.

Автор — Miki Ram

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