Surveillance video of deadly Russian air crash released

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Surveillance video of deadly Russian air crash released 4.5
The plane crashed near Moscow, killing 71 people.

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Lots of people on board were connected to Uranium One...

Автор — M.K. P.


It was bomb. Direct ties to Uranium 1. I wonder just who would want those guys not to talk?

Автор — Dave Little


People killed to silence one man. Don’t deal with the Russians or the Clintons. Hell any government for that matter.

Автор — Roadking911


They are willing to kill innocent people to achieve their aims!

Автор — Kathy Parks


Hmmm, funny how this crash was leaked before it even happened. The leaked named the number of the plan, how many people were on the plan and who was being targeted. It was a hit on people involved in the uranium one scandal. This was done on purpose.

Автор — Joe Hutchinson


blessings to the families of those lost in this tragedy

Автор — hammerhand


Me thinking when they find both Black Boxes they should immediately submerge both black boxes in Vodka to help preserve what happen on that flight !

Автор — RUSSIAN-NEWS Canadian Edition


The demon Hillary Clinton was behind this, look up who was on the plane

Автор — Agent of Fortune


Someone on that plane had ties to the Clinton Uranium one scandal. Was going to testify. So many innocent people murdered.



Sad for victims and Families...To Much Vodka!

Автор — Knights Templar


Another Clinton Hit job!! Those poor people were Arkancided!!

Автор — ekphotography


How can they "rule out terrorism" in such short time?

Автор — tammlen 2


Think Uranium One Deal and Clintons needing silence.

Автор — Don Parker


URANIUM ONE ties...plane brought down on purpose

Автор — Chorus Frog


the pilot said dammit why me, i hope Hitlery clinton is freaking out right now, she knows her connections are being killed off that can be used against her and she might have had something to do with this, i hope the russians send a hit man to take her out, i know it will cause a big stir if a US citizen is killed by the russians but it will blow over and her killings will stop and the world will be a better place without her.

Автор — Jeremy Parsons


So sad. I'm sorry to all the families. God bless them in this horrible time.

Автор — LibertyOrDeath


Come on now - tell us about the Bomb E X P L O I S I O N



My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims.

Автор — Debra Connor


Head guy from uranium one on the plane. Must have made the Hillary hitlist

Автор — Ryan O'Neal


Why show grieving people. It is wrong .

Автор — Cherokee44 Oklahoma