Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft. Problem

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Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft. Problem 5

Director: Hiro Murai
Producer: Jason Colon
Exec Producer: Danielle Hinde
Director of Photography: Larkin Seiple

Music video by Childish Gambino performing Sweatpants. (C) 2014 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC under exclusive license from mc DJ Recording

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What will u say after u meet someone suffering from malnutrition?


Автор — Supashya Roy Chowdhury


2018... and this is still one of the dopest videos ever.

Автор — Aaron Es


Gambino sits at your table

You get a free water

Автор — Sickmmaner Plays


"I got a Pent House on both coasts, PH balance". Love it.

Автор — M. Morgan


I can’t believe I’ve slept on Gambino for so long. This is incredible



2:34 when u can't feel yo phone in yo pocket

Автор — Anthony Kimani


he's the only reason I'm excited for the han solo movie

Автор — kylo iren


Wait is this where Anonym00se got the squeaking sound from for the his HL Thomas the Tank Engine video?

Автор — Heatblayze


0:47 when an African kid tries to roast you

Автор — konnor jennings


I love the fact that this guy voiced Marshall Lee in Adventure Time

Автор — Nelia Camarao


why is he in an endless loop?
why is everybody turning into clones of him?
why is the song called sweatpants?

Автор — GlitchytheGlitch


Long take is my favourite kind of shot and that is the reason why this is my favorite MV of all time. Chet Faker's Gold music video is a long take too! You guys should check it out, directed by the same guy who directed this. Hiro Murai.

Автор — bentep0511


I don't even like rap, but I can't stop listening to him

Автор — AvatarOdin


Throwback af 😧 My life was better when this song came out

Автор — Official E-kon


I watch them all pass by
The moon & the stars
Let me hold you in my arms, forever more
These cold nights, the park is ours
Standing, by the side
Let you go, oh to the sea, just for me

Don't let me lose my life
Keep holding on
Let the modest go
As my mic goes to and from
Waking up for one more show

We see him in the night
Tell him I'm not afraid of him
I'm not afraid of them
'Cause I won't know

Автор — Noe Galindo


Your girl drank my daycare..haha gotem!

Автор — iheartpanic00


1:45 STILL the SICKEST lyric in this track!!! #Fisker 😝😜💀

Автор — Platinum Rose


I love Gambino, but I can only see him as his movie characters, so Its wierd seeing him as the kinda rapper that talks about money and girls, but this shit is great.

Автор — J Nebrasky


I fall asleep for a second and there’s Gambinos everywhere

Автор — jamal jadoo


FYI nobody gives a shit that you're listening to timeless music in 2018.

Автор — Cob Baldridge