Ferrari FXX-K | Top Gear Series 24 | BBC — Авто и транспорт

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Ferrari FXX-K | Top Gear Series 24 | BBC 4.5

Taken from Top Gear: Series 24



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Chris, please make more content for your youtube channel, not just Top Gear. Please. Thank you!

Автор — HEKTIC458


OMG they filmed this in Daytona Beach, I literally live 10 mins from the track! Would have been so cool to be able to see this and Chris!

Автор — Rons Rides


I would love to see the FXX-K together with a P1 GTR and a Vulcan on the same track. If a 918 Spyder would be there as well, even better.

Автор — Salvatore Cagliari


After the grand tour release the farmkhana this is top gear response. Not bad. You can't hate ferrari v12 roar of ecstasy

Автор — rockzs74r


And Ferrari just announced the FXXK Evo...

Автор — Mercury Cater


I’d rather have a MCLAREN F1

At least I can drive it on streets.

Автор — Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports


Chris Harris is the only car journalist who manages to give me the feeling of being in the car with him, hes got a pretty unique way of getting his feelings of the car across!

Автор — Stuart Phillips


Thank You Top Gear, thank You Chris Harris for sharing this emotion. Most probably I'll never get a chance to drive anything this kind and - as a fan of Italian creators - it is huge for me to get at least a bit of the experience through full screen POV shots and loud speakers. Thank You for this amazing film!

Автор — Low Traveller


Parts of this video look like a video game

Автор — Adrian Echim


Who else watches these videos and just thinks, FORZA!

Автор — Mark Martin


speechless, utterly utterly beautiful

Автор — Luuk Roper


Itd be facinating to see a real time overlap over the circuit of a fxxx vs an f1 or f3000 just to see how comparable an undriveable $ 3m car for the road is relative to a formula race car?

Автор — Prakash Dayanandan


I want this FERRARI FXX-K to be in a one on one race with bugatti

Автор — TheBMuzz


Electric motors or no, these final naturally aspirated Ferrari's are better than anything McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti, Koenigsegg (or whatever they're called) etc.. can manage. By a distance. Turbo engines are 100% utter shite. With turbo engines, power is everything - it's the main event, the only thing worth mentioning. With engines like this, power is a distant second. It could have 200bhp, it'd still be utterly magnificent.

With a turbo car you might as well just have an electric car and give up now.

Автор — Malc180s


Hi anyone you looked at this comment hope you enjoy😏

Автор — Bikebros _BOSS


so its ridiculous car if i cant take to public road neither i can race it in any official race tournament

Автор — Idrees Aljamie


Chris Harris makes Top Gear worthwhile!

Автор — kedr77


I don't understand why you guys cut this to 3:53, this is a very special car with a very special gest...and is not the first time. Not good at all!!

Автор — Andres Luzunaris


I enjoy chris harris more than the old trio, I also prefer Top Gear compared to The Grand Tour. Hands down. LEEETS THE WAR BEGIN

Автор — Daniel Andersson


When the video initially buffered at 480 p i thought i was watching GT Sport xD. Amazing how far graphics have come

Автор — MyNameIsMatt