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Vacation Nightmare: Sun, Sand, Prostitutes? | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News 2.5
Part 1: ABC News investigation into all-inclusive deals sold online uncovers issues.

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At Don Juan the staff really go that extra mile and that's what i like.

Автор — mario condello


Is this a sales video for the hotel, , cause this place sounds like good time, just bring your own sheets

Автор — Joey Ferris


This is quite literally the worst journalism I've ever seen

Автор — z1z2z3z z1z2z3z


I noticed a lot of elderly white men there on the beach with the local “women”, I guess that’s where their “business trip” was booked for lol

Автор — Hot Dogs And Bananas


This is BS. I am from Dominican Republic and Boca Chica is actually well known as the cheapest place down there, what do you expect?. I wouldn't choose a trash hotel like this if I am planning to travel to another country. I could recommend you: Punta Cana, La Romana, Samaná, Las Terrenas, Uvero Alto or Puerto Plata for a better experience. Don't be cheap when travelling to a foreign country.

Автор — Richard Suero


$150 a night is a cheap hotel, and you expected something better? What a non story.

Автор — Gathering No Moss


The so called journalists at ABC News are presstitutes, so they're at the right hotel.

Автор — Greatmcwhite


thanks to this report that hotel is making millions!!!!

Автор — mario figueroa


Was this supposed to make me not go? Cuz I just booked the "Junior Suite" and I'm hoping to meet up with Carolina or her coworkers.

Автор — Aaron Monroe


Wait prostitution is legal in the country ZOE SALDANA’S PEOPLE ARE FROM?! Was this story supposed to not make me go?! Good job guys. 👍

Автор — James Remus


Omg cheap hookers but be careful with the sexual deseases. The treatment is very expensive !!

Автор — Candy White


How to get your boss to pay for your holiday 101

Автор — PK PK


Well with the #metoo and #timesup movement constantly shoved down our throats. More and more men are opting out of dating western women. At least with Dominican prostitutes you get exactly what you pay for. In the west third wave feminism gives you the illusion of equality. Yet men still pay for dates with no guarantee you'll get laid. And even if you do get laid you have to hope and pray absolutely everything went well so the little snowflake doesn't change her mind about you and claim sexual assault or worst rape. Ya Dominican prostitutes sound like heaven right about now.



She sound mad that they finessed her at the front desk for those extra couple dollars. Prostitutes are literally everywhere, clearly she has never been to Vegas or Atlantic City 😂

Автор — Mike C


Ughhhh...poor baby...what the hell did you expect in the Dominican Republic?....QUIET Bedsheets? time, try using yet...just stay home....smh

Автор — Will Drucker


Dont threaten me with a good time!...seriously...they are passing moral judgements on what is legal in a differnt country? Get real

Автор — Infernal Majesty


Underlying Motive: ABC News invested in the entire resort, and proffered this report as advertisement to its "late-night" viewership.

Автор — MaxPro


$100 usd will get you 50 prostitutes in Dominican

Автор — Keith Cox


muAhaha... that was the most pathetic journalism attempt someone could ever make. These three "investigative" dumpshits should make more storys. "Honeymoon in Rakka: No single quiet night"; "Citytour Lagos: Now we have aids"; "Shoppingtour Lima: Producer Ozren catched with 6.5 kg coca; now in jail without balknoy""

Автор — RodrigoBorgia


I'm dominican and I can tell you that they've gone to the hood! Boca chica is not a place to stay over night, it's a place to go for a couple of hours to eat fried Caribbean food, drink and swim. They're lucky enough that they haven't been robbed. If you want to go to the resorts, you're going to have to go to punta cana, la romana, samana or puerto plata. There are also hidden gems throughout the country. Don't trust anyone there. Always use a reputable taxi company that can take you to places safely.

Автор — Blu3AquaMarine