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The team put their SUVs through their paces by testing them with caravans acting as ballasts. Who will come out with the least damage.? From Top Gear .

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Комментарии к видео
Автор: jackspecticie2
the goodbye at the end was the saddest goodbye I have ever heard
Дата: 24.09.2017

Автор: John King
33:33 - The moment I nearly died from laughing.
Дата: 15.08.2017

Автор: Cham Rav
“Thank you Vauxhall”

Clarkson’s last words on Top Gear.
Дата: 04.11.2017

Автор: James Rodriguez
22:50 this whole sequence was hilarious 😄
Дата: 17.09.2017

Автор: Sean A
''James i've looked at the situation and theres NOTHING we can do''
Дата: 22.08.2017

My mum has a vw tiguan sport its amazing she got it for 4ok
Дата: 16.11.2017

Автор: Nick Dawson
I remember watching this episode when it aired on T.V, laughing the whole way through, then when James and Hammond said goodbye at the end I started crying.

I also remember feeling uneasy when Jeremy says "Back to the studio" and James cuts in with "But it WASN'T back to the studio"
Дата: 13.11.2017

Автор: Last Comment
with today`s value these cars were less than 328 dollars try to do that in any other country, and these people cry about economics and how bad is for them, well it seems to me they still got a lot of things to lose before we can talk about equality
Дата: 08.11.2017

Автор: Nick Magee - Brown
Ifeel sorry for the bbc, they were fucked if they didn't and they were fucked if they did, no easy way out of that situation, Jeremy is an idiot sometimes.
Дата: 05.11.2017

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