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Изображение Budget Supercars Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC Изображение Budget Supercars Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC Изображение Budget Supercars Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC
Budget Supercars Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC 5
Part 1 of 4: Jeremy, Richard and James are challenged to each buy a supercar for less than £10,000 and drive them from Bristol to Slough. But will any of their clapped out motors actually make it there?

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Why does James always buy cars with electrical problems?

Автор — MaxTheKanuck


To be honest you can't get any of these cars for under $15, 000 really.

Автор — Slim


My name is Dino :( although i can confirm I am slow and wet.

Автор — Super Di


Good ole Top Gear :) Miss it, though.

Автор — Jeremy J.


1:54 is that May doing a voice over of "the headlamps?"

Автор — TheCJSChannel


It pains me to say this, but the Maserati belonged to my dad and we were surprised to see it on the show after we sold it.

Автор — Rob Lindsay


didnt Stallone have that black Lambo in Rocky 4? lol

Автор — Shotgun Arms


"shows what the rest of its worth", that's the funniest thing I ever heard.

Автор — weunelect


What's with the Greek music accompanying Italian supercars?

Автор — Targa Florio


That music sounds so Greek that άρχισα να γράφω αυτό το σχόλιο στα Ελληνικά.

edit: 7:29 here it is πάλι!

Автор — E.P Σpan


Love it when James says he has a trained eye

Автор — mattfox14


I personally think these 3 cars look nice. That Lamborghini really looks sexy in black :)

Автор — RoyalRedTiger


super cars of this era are the best looking, even now

Автор — Gerard Kean


bring back Clarkson!!!! spread the word motorheads

Автор — crimson gate32


lil red express was the fastest vehicle in 1979 LOL

Автор — MotoSquid


Those cars would make a great project.

Автор — Blackjack 335


I wonder if these cars would be worth restoring.

Автор — Aaron Anon


The very best of Top Gear, and the very best of British humour... 

Автор — Alexandr Umanetz


I like a taste of a show crew when they're choosing cars.
Fake Ferrari for an old teenager, red Maserati for a boorish guy and black Lamborghini as an elegant piece of metall to mr slow.

Автор — Ksart


why don't people restore these cars? they are so much better to look at than modern cars.

Автор — MrBigolnuts