President Trump announces US strikes on Syria — Новости и политика

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President Trump announces US strikes on Syria 3
President Trump addresses the nation regarding the United States military response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

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My first thoughts: Are they gonna give him the Nobel Peace price too?

Автор — Jacob Zondag


Jews dragging the world into another war

Автор — Mr.Vendetta27


.. Mega lier.. you make me sick Trump

Автор — Pete G


Trump just did what an elected Hillary Clinton would do. Sad!

Автор — banjiu10


The same as the weapons of mass destruction in

Автор — funaicha1


You had no bought into the lies...

Автор — C Farber


Is that Hillary Clinton wearing a Trump mask ?

Автор — Rinnegan Itachi


Very disappointing and scary. This is what Hillary Clinton wanted. This is not what we voted for. If you take out the government of Syria the power vacuum will be filled by numerous groups of insane jihadist rebels — they did this to get the government blamed and toppled. Don’t get us into a war with Russia. This is utterly ridiculous.

Автор — 534jungle


USA are the masters of War lies and false flags. Trump now proofed that he is also just a puppet of the Rothchilds

Автор — Han Solar


Fuck you, Trump!!! Fuck you american people!!! Fuck you America!!! America is devil's country!!!Amirica brings chaos and war!!!
Have you ever you'll wish!!! Америка-это страна, в которой нет гуманизма, веры, добра!!! Вас ненавидит весь мир!!!

Автор — И в а н


Why would Assad use chemical weapons knowing it would cause a massive back lash? He was winning the war. I smell a change of regime coming for syria

Автор — medieeevil


Burn all MAGA hats. Trump lied to us. He is now a liberal.

Автор — Triumph Ace


this is not America 1st. Trump betrayed all the main campaign promises. No wars in the Middle East, building a wall, no daca.
Many people lost friends, some broke up families, many wasted many hours supporting him. Total betrayal of his supporters.

Автор — a a


How can President lie to his own people!? It is shameful.

Автор — nebozemlya


Boltons first week we are heading to war!!!

Автор — Republican TBISH2016


Trump = George Bush
This moron should look up the definition of false flag attacks, but I guess he can kiss his reelection goodbye now.

Автор — asd fgh


Mr. President, are you okay? Is that even you?

Автор — J Hern


Mr President, I have supported you for a long time. I have defended you to family and freinds. I did that because I believed you were the only man to come along in my life time who would savagely fight the coruption in our government. Until tonight i never regreted giving you that support. Tonight however, you have allowed yourself and this nation, to be lead into a proxy war by the very same deep state scumbags that are breaking every rule of constitutional investigation to impeach A war that may have consequences beyond imagining. I don't know how they sold this obvious false flag to you but it is clear you bought it. This is exactly the kinda thing I hoped voting for you would spare the nation. Endless Maybe you have been threatened. Maybe your family has been threatend. Or maybe you just were not the man I thought you were. Either way, as of tonight, I withdraw the unconditional support I have given you. I will no longer defend you to those freinds and family. I no longer trust you. I know there are no other leaders in this government worthy of my trust to replace you. You were the last hope and tonight you failed. I sadly now see the future will be a rehash of the bush years(before your impeached over lies by the people who will let HRC escape justice). I am disgusted tonight. I pray for the sake of the nation and the world, that you recognize the mistake you made and walk it back as far as possible. There is no victor in a nuclear war. Please stop before you start one

Автор — Robert Hall


For a second i thought i was listening to Bush after 9/11 when he said "You are with us or against us" or " weapons of mass destruction and the word "regime" used over and over again

Автор — Kalashnikov Mania


A shekel for a good goy.Chemical weapons are the same bullshit as gas chambers.

Автор — Croatian Warmaster