Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News — Новости и политика

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Изображение Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News Изображение Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News Изображение Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News
Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News 3
How the attack by US, UK and France on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Syria unfolded.

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Elon needs to hurry up with that mission to Mars business 😶

Автор — Brad Henry


The Trump REGIME says all missiles hit their targets, yet we can see on social media Syrians posing with shot down missiles. LIARS.

Автор — Nineteen Sixty-Nine


“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.” ~ Herbert Hoover

God help us...

Автор — Matko 64


We want peace. This is not in my name.

Автор — kathryn boniface


Don't trust them. BBC is propaganda. They are just brainwashing and manipulating you. From Skripal case to Syria "gas attack" and many others before... Don't trust.

Автор — Yury Samodurov


the chemical attacks on bashar's people are FAKE and its been proven

Автор — iDR3KON


Have we learnt nothing from Iraq?
Assad has won the Syrian civil war. What does he have to gain from attacking his own citizens with chemical weapons at this point in time?
It's far more likely that 'rebel' groups, which have been proven to have chemical weapons in the past and also want the USA to intervene as they are days away from losing the war, carried out the attack.

Автор — Jeff Jeff


proud of yourselves BBC (223) ? promoting a false narrative just to push US oil, central bank ownership, military shares and blood sacrifice?

Автор — rick Woods


Guys if WW3 does start just remember I love you all

Автор — Amy-Jo Gilbert


Go after the manufacturer's of these chemicals. Thats right.
And STOP killing the innocent.

Автор — Marlene Mcgovern


How the f**k do they KNOW that Syria used the chemicals?
Do they KNOW it wasn't ISIS? Who have DONE THIS BEFORE to implicate Syria !!

Is the intelligence given to Theresa May from the SAME INTELLIGENCE AGENTS who gave the Murderer BLAIR the 'intelligence' that Iraq not only
HAD WMD's... but also that they could be LAUNCHED WITHIN 45 MINUTES.. ?

Yes, I certainly dob accept that Basha's father used chemicals on his own people in the south.. But when he himself was blamed the last time that the US sent missiles over to spank him.. it turned out there was considerable doubt that it was a Syria thing at all...
It was a setup, by the rebels, that worked a treat didn't it. ISIS and Co got America to fight it's war against Syria for them !!
And for my money, they might well have done it again.

America is desperate to go to war.
Their 'Defence' industry needs feeding again with all those extremely lucrative defence contracts.



Автор — Chris England


As a British national I would like to say that that the actions and thoughts of the uk, France and USA government do not represent me. The decision to air strike targets and take people’s lives makes them as despicable as any other dictator. I think that many feel the same way. This is a decision that should have been decided by the uk people as it will be us that will have to deal with the consequences not the government. Fuck you uk government, you bunch of morons.

Автор — 1985jimbo1985


Anyone else scared this is gonna trigger WW3 😶😓

Автор — Shahainaz Read


What happens now?
Better ask what's already happening.

Автор — Pragnan Saha


As a British we should not get involved in this leave USA to it

Автор — Simon Grey


Western logic - let's stop the bombing in Syria by bombing the hell outta Syria smh. The world would be a much better place if America/Britain/France etc. didn't stick their noses into other countries problems but I guess the desire for money and control runs through their veins...

Автор — Zoey N


ahh thersea may i always knew you like playing with colourfull toys just make sure those colour full toys arent made of naplam chlorine gas and potassium nitrate

Автор — shadowXXe


I dont trust any millitary, goverment anymore. All i see is that muslims are a threat in Europe and nobody does anything. I havent forgot the mh17 flight and buk rocket.

Автор — African Twin


Syria should strengthen its ties with China. That's the only way they can defend their land from the Rouge Nations.

Автор — Shrikant Shinde


Hey BBC havent u noticed??? Current US president lies A LOT

Автор — Canna Banana