Atrocities in Ghouta, Syria: What to know — Новости и политика

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Atrocities in Ghouta, Syria: What to know 3.5
A look at the Syrian war’s impact in Eastern Ghouta and the catastrophic violence happening there

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Haha! If its mostly women and children HOW could they withstand the seige by heavily armed regukar army for 5 years, FOX news?

Автор — Алексей Зайцев


Syria and all Middle- East country should understand that all non Muslim countrys want to corrupt So you ought to do a community of all Muslim😣😣 countrys. 😨😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

Автор — Ashanur Sk


Fake news. America armed and created Isis to topple Assad. Isis and American Wahhabi terrorists Sunni gangs are doing most of the killing of civilians. 🖕

Автор — Oleg Ushyarov


Take out the radicals. The rule of law will be victorious. The Syrian government will take back it's territory.

Автор — GeorgeCee


This fake news propaganda on all cable channels shows that US is preparing for a war to save its Al-Qaeda proxies in Eastern Ghouta. It seems that disasters in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan are not enough, neocons/liberal interventionists want a nuclear war with Russia over regime change in Syria. Madness is consuming Washington.

Автор — Joshua Paul


finally some one is dealing properly with al quaeda

Автор — Reverend Galerivs


CIA AND MOSSAD creates ISIS. Assad is helping his people.

Автор — Honor


And FOX news once again, pushing a one sided narrative, omitting facts like these neighborhoods and districts are controlled by Jihadist groups like HTS and other rebranded Nusra Front groups. Women and children don't put up a resistance like this....western trained and backed head choppers do.

Автор — Derrick Jenkins



Автор — Artiom


This is classic playbook stuff for radical militants. They want to shoot stuff up and then run and hide behind their women and children and if they get hit they scream" Those big bad people are killing the women and children". I say kill them all, nits make lice. If they want to hide behind skirts and diapers its on them.

Автор — Lloyd Powell


Are we looking for weapons of mass destruction?/ Fool us again NO, Syria ia none of our business let the UN deal with
Syria is NOT OUR BUSINESS!!! We have not been invited in !! The UN can act but not us! I do not believe for one second that ASSAD is slaughtering his people! And if he is which is a LIE then Russia can and will help! SYRIA is none of our

Автор — jo phoenix


Is cheese gonna be super expensive now? Stock the eff up

Автор — Uncle Leon


It's sad that we reached a time where u put the truth infront of peoples eyes and they reject to see it, and what's more sad is that reading these comments, im a video editor in a news agency and i tell you that what's happening in ghouta is real, i dont quite know which milita exactly is inside ghouta, i dunno if its the free rebels or the ahrar army or whatever, but i dont think it's ISIS either, but if you guys look at the bigger picture and see that a country leader is bombing his own people, and i've seen videos where men trying to take up children out from the debris, now before you shitheads start trash talking me, i wanna tell you that i really don't support anyone and i dont put my bets on any of these countries, it was all a plan from the "arabian spring" where the US wanted to put their own puppets in the middle east and remove the old leaders who were all against US, but syria was a complete different story, and everyone started to fund rebels and mercenaries, so please before u trash talk like a blind goat, please understand that what im saying is humanity, there are kids dying there, kids who has no role in this war, and what kind of leader and how does he think that he will keep that chair when he bomb his own people, he just gave them more reason to hate and fight back, the country is devided bombing people wont get rid of all ur emenies you'll create more. what a shit head this assad is.

With or against!, bombing people like that is not HUMAN, even animals have mercy, how could humans be so merciless and cruel?!

Автор — Mohamad Remmo


Simple solution...rebels stop fighting the elected government...stop shelling government areas of Damascus...stop carrying out phoney chemical attacks...😡

Автор — Bob Mitchell


Assad must be superman! He has been fighting his population, US, ISIS, Israel, Turkey, NATO, Al Nusra, Moderate rebels, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark and many other factions for years now and he is still in power!
This man has taken on the super powers of the world and is winning!
Maybe the US need to put there whole GDP into making weapons and war!

Автор — The Last Oracle


we know terrorists are dying and western propoganda machine is working hard to save terrorists

Автор — Abu Israel


FOX News, Let me give you some advice. Add HUMAN voice-overs to your videos as it would only make your videos better. Always _stay away_ from using _robot_ readers. This is a good video here, but it could've been leaps and bounds better with a HUMAN voice-over.

50 percent of Ghouta's population is comprised of children? WOW - We know what the adults do in their spare time...

Billy Graham dead at 99 --->

Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all!! Of course PTL! ...

Автор — Tony C.


Assad is the ist dajjal on the surface of earth

Автор — Nazir loan


To many fake images and propaganda by Western bissed media
West is so dispread to save alqeda and alnusra
This guy's are not rebels

Автор — war zone


Bombing civilians like that is not the way to fight. Too much collateral damages. This Syrian and Russians are butchers If you don’t have the man power to fight don’t masacre your people. I hope all nations get together and stop this nonsense. It doesn’t matter who is right this kids don’t know why this is happening. And we are here looking at the videos of people dying, we are guilty too.
We are a bunch of cowards accomplice 😡

Автор — joel bido