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Изображение WILD video: Leopard attacks residents in Indian city Изображение WILD video: Leopard attacks residents in Indian city Изображение WILD video: Leopard attacks residents in Indian city
WILD video: Leopard attacks residents in Indian city 3.5
Chaos erupted in west-central India when a leopard entered a Palher Nagar compound and attacked some residents. Watch as people arm themselves with sticks to try and scare off the big cat.

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It’s always one animals versus thousands people in India.

Автор — Panzer 1918


So these characters all just have a stick with them at all times? What a joke. When a leopard comes cruising through town attacking people, kill it. Every time.

Автор — FlamQ Dbltap


Good on the Indians for not shooting it ..well done.

Автор — Green Eggs and Ham


Better than the running of the bulls in Mexico.

Автор — Semper Fi!


*No wonder I was on hold with TECH SUPPORT for so long!*

Автор — jabbabbabba


I feel sorry for the leopard. He makes one false turn walking out of his jungle and finds himself being traumatized in a human jungle ghetto . . . that'll teach him.

Автор — Macs M.


Lol the thumbnail, leopard getting some groceries.

Автор — T_money_ THIRD


when will India have stick control? at least do background checks and make sure only people 21 and older have access to cowtowing to the NSA (Nat'l Stick Association)

Автор — Improv Master


I'm sure there's a joke to be made here about red laser-pointer dots and kitties but that would make me seem callous about people running for their lives.

Автор — Tim Laning


All those people and nobody has a gun lucky there wasn't any children getting attacked

Автор — christy contois


Damn those street shitters are truly sick. 1/2 shits on the street and does not now how to use a toilet. Jew Chuck Schummer wants all of them over here lol

Автор — Recordbreakerr14 The GOP


They say they dont want Jesus, thay dont want salvation

Автор — Pastor James Ledbetter


why am i rooting for the leopard.. go leopard..

Автор — Mortiky Jones


Damn if the dummies would have given the leopard room to flee he would have left, but they had him surrounded with clubs so ya someone is gonna get attacked!

Автор — Game Bred Duramax


Get em leopard get em. When in India watch out for mopeds.

Автор — The Trumpian


donald trump is pure chaos for America and faux news is posting this? lol. no wonder right wing people are so ignorant.

Автор — Thomas Elder


India is a shithole. I have an Indian friend who acts so American like hes from a 1st world nation.

Автор — Globalism Is Good For Peaceful World.


Get a life fockser. This is not what your viewers are here for. I knoe im not. And also stop making meread. I watch videos instead of read books just for that reason! Thank you, have a wonderful day

Автор — Thomas Everett James


Darn too bad humans cant "attack" or defend themselves against the #Twitter twerps shadow banning munching on&deleting tweets sure didn't delete nor shadow ban satire parroting 🐤lunatic 🐦liberals & DEM real racists though

Автор — EnvyMeGreatly


India does not has cows only on roads, leopards are also there for balancing the eco cycle.

Автор — Nick B