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Изображение Top Gear Funniest Moments Compilation (Series 6-10) Изображение Top Gear Funniest Moments Compilation (Series 6-10) Изображение Top Gear Funniest Moments Compilation (Series 6-10)
Top Gear Funniest Moments Compilation (Series 6-10) 5
Here is a brand new top gear compilation video showing the best and funniest moments from Series 6-10 of the show. Hopefully you have enjoyed the video and if so then please don't forget to leave a like down below and also subscribe to the channel, thanks and enjoy!

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5:05 "Top Gear Furriers" xD hahaha

Автор — Skaterloo


“Live-er tower.”
“Then why isn’t it called Live-erpool?”

Автор — Jack Lievsay


but why isn't it called Liverpool then?

Автор — Tim van Kuilenburg


Jeremy needs his own show where he goes around the world and shit talks everything he sees

Автор — James Lahey


Pure brilliance that is English humour, where sarcasm goes rampant and where jokers aren't bind by political correctness and say things like "because I age quite well and you're not" and no one gets offended or hurt by words, and they laugh, yes laugh, something American millennials need to "culturally appropriate" ! People need to stop being so whiny and easily offended by Words, and be more offended by the actions of certain groups!

Автор — man7as


That didn't break. That didn't break. That did but I don't care.

Автор — Epicore


8:46 Rear-view mirrors not required XD

Автор — KeijiSuwa


"I know it's you you unsufferable oaf I'm on the bloody throne" Is the most James May thing I have ever heard hahahaha

Автор — cat intensifies


I never realized how old they got because of how much they were part of my happy and sad

Автор — Khalid Alamin


When he said "I'm aging well and you're not." Why didn't Clarkson respond with "Oh yes, you look great for an 80 year old woman."

Автор — michaeloakleaf


More like "hell yeah, my drug dealer is here"

Автор — PaperMind


Who the fuck pushed clarkson into the ice cold water?

Автор — The Dark Soul


"WANKERRRRS... ohh, where did that come from?" - Quote of the video

Автор — Jack Ryeng


7:45 - thumbs up for "Immigrant Song" in the background :)

Автор — Robi_CK


her relieve throw love American buyer admission scared bond pay

Автор — Thomas Bennett


This is the best show of all time. Period.

Автор — randomocityvideos


9:45 was hilarious hahahha #mrstealyogirl

Автор — Rahul Messi


2:51 wth is wrong with that person on the back?! THOSE EYES

Автор — Ömer Kaan Cankaya



The anser is FY FAEN

Автор — Sebastian


Do you have a vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner. 😂😂😂

Автор — Ryan Dawkins


I scored two bloody goals and you've been chatting up some Norwegian women
That's my wife
That's his wife

Автор — Ryan M.