When Your Girls Insist The Costco Clerk Is Maui from Moana

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When Your Girls Insist The Costco Clerk Is Maui from Moana 4.5
"When your girls insist the Costco clerk is Maui and you ask him to Chee Hoo!"


Submitted by Rella on The Radio

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Let's talk about the dude with the tattoos on his face. Underrated star of the vid.

Автор — TheBattProductions


The sheer look of joy on their faces is priceless! And that clerk not only made their day, he made mine, too! What a great guy he and what a kind and happy heart he has! Way to go, sir!!!

Автор — Nia the Gulf Gypsy


Costco needs to give that man a raise, then tell him, YOU'RE WELCOME!

Автор — Monty Leverett


All he can do is say "you're welcome"

Автор — sine moderamine


Ha-Ha...I see what’s happening, yeah. They’re face to face with greatness and it’s strange. They don’t even know how they feel...It’s adorable! Well it’s nice to see that Costco employees never change. They opened their eyes, and began. Yes, it's really him, it's Maui: breathe him in!
I know it's a lot: his hair, his bod!
When they’re staring at a demi-god. But what can he say except, “Your Welcome!...(and thank you for shopping at Costco! Chee-hoo!)

Автор — simpsoy


They look so incredibly jubilant, what a quality dude. I hope he’s treated well there.

Автор — Heliyum


I like how everybody in the comment section is Russian

Автор — Samuel The Manual


Can we please get this guy a job at a Disney park? Please? Somebody? XD

Автор — Ally Kayyy


he looks like a combination between Maui, Mexican Andy and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Автор — Gurosama Bltch


на 0:22 что за бомж с синяками на лице?

Автор — Соnor McGregor


Everything was perfect except the last second and half :/

Автор — Юрий Ф


People I want y’all to understand he could’ve taken this the wrong way gotten mad or ignored it but no the good person that he is he went with it and made a cherished memory for those little girls! This warmed my freaking heart.

Автор — StrangeStrongs



Автор — MrRussian Veteran Gamer


Обожаю америку, люди всегда позитивные и жизнерадостные

Автор — Вадим Яковлев


0:25 witness terror in its purest form.

Автор — The Hot Biscuit Filipowitz


There are two little boys who think I’m Moana lol
And now a few people have started calling me Moana lol

Автор — Official Crystal Sings


Thank god he has a great personality, most people would just want them to leave so he could go with his day but this guy took the moment with his bear hands and gave it a big hug 🤗

Автор — TheDarknessOfGames


Мауи ты ли это ?)
«Мне люди должны сказать спасибо, за песок и солнца свет, я просто хотел сделать все красиво, торгую я на кассе сотни лет»
Спасибо, спасибо ;)
Кто смотрел поймёт ))

Автор — artjei


Сразу видно, что там люди постоянно думают о навязанном внешнем враге. И как бы ему побольше проблем создать.

Автор — ytLiv


I don’t know which is less scary.

Which is more scary?
A. IT the movie
B. 0:25
C. Clown shows

Автор — GunZ-a-blaZin 0004