Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty (Official Music Video)

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Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty (Official Music Video) 4.5
The official music video for the single “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood, from the upcoming album Cry Pretty, releasing worldwide on September 14, 2018. Directed by Randee St. Nicholas.

Music video by Carrie Underwood performing Cry Pretty. © 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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This music video made me cry...Beautiful and deep! ❤👏

Автор — Anne Care Bears


She’s like a fabulous country unicorn with a hint of emo melancholy...



I have been a single mom of three boys for a while. I’ve struggled with jobs, so got a career. Have struggled with finding a safe and sound place to live now I’m at the point to where I can almost buy a home. Then I go to the doctor and they have found two small masses on my lungs. This song hits me so hard today but yet it her voice gives me strength. This is just another fight I WILL WIN!!! God Bless you all!!

Автор — Jacque B


We love you so much Carrie Underwood and we support you no matter what. You are a beacon of light and it's okay to be human sometimes. <3 <3 <3 Cry pretty, voice pretty, sing pretty, smile pretty and live pretty. xoxo.

Автор — Salvatoresia Ekine


We almost met her in Cali, she was in the same Hotel we were in the night before! What a talented, beautiful person & voice!

Автор — SnakeHuntersTV


her songs are powerful. Every time i listen to her it gives me strength and hope.

Автор — Eli Story


Wow! Carrie Underwood is an amazing performer and artist. This is incredible! The video concept, direction, makeup...all of it works together perfect with the song.

Автор — Reese Oliveira


She has the most beautiful voice ever!!!

Автор — Candy Castillo Vlogs


#CryPretty #CarrieUnderwoodCryPretty


Автор — Popular on YouTube - Worldwide


Carries eye makeup in this is stunning.. if I do a tutorial will anybody watch?

Автор — WIGGING OUT with Alex Kautz


okay, but seeing her cry hurts my heart omg

Автор — Jordon Winn


How is this only 21 in trending
Oh wait YouTube wants us smart
2-1 it’s number 1 y’all
😊😊your welcome😊😊

Автор — Lynn Setter


I did an acoustic cover of this song on my channel, well a snippet anyways, it's just so good and I've always been a Carrie Superfan. She's awesome and I'm so glad to see her singing and in front of the camera again. She's so beautiful. And somehow, she actually did cry pretty. Lol ❤

Автор — Brittany Mercedes


She has such natural beauty. Great song.

Автор — Justcallmesarah


This was AMAZING at the CMAs. She brought the house down. I have it on my DVR and have watched it enough that I already know almost all the words. She is so freakin good.

Автор — Krystal Gamer


Wow! 😢😢I have to say I live this song . Wat a great video. Carrie u are so amazing . Thank u.💜💜💜

Автор — Guadalupe Lucio


One of the only Artists that has managed (chosen) to keep it classy💖 in a tacky industry...

Автор — Holly Fisher


I want someone to make a video on how to do the crying effect!!!

Автор — Yamely.Estrabao Rodriguez


Her lips are absolutely beautiful. Do whatever you gotta do to feel more like you again, no hate!

Автор — Kay X


Not a big country fan but this woman is awesome.

Автор — Del Taco