Enhanced images show impact of US-led strikes on Syria — Новости и политика

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Enhanced images show impact of US-led strikes on Syria 4
Satellite imagery appears to show flattened structures; Mike Tobin reports from Jerusalem.

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Im wondering something. If one of the targets was storaging chemical weapons. wouldn't all those gases and vapors be spread on the atmosphere and further damage the citizen if this "chemical attack" did occur

Автор — January 13


It's Iraq and Afghanistan all over again.

Автор — Jayce Wilkinson


That's a lot of damage. No need to worry though! PATCH IT UP WITH SOME FLEX TAPE AND PROBLEM SOLVED!

Автор — Arnaldonintendo


america didnt bomb syria because of "poison gas", please, america doesn't do things without profiting from it, they bombed syria because they had plans for tubing to transport oil in the middle east to one of their "allied countries" and the tubing just conviniently needs to go through russian, iran, and turkey occupied syria, syria being a puppet regime under russia obviously says no and russia threatens america because american attacks endanger their interest. Thats why you see people from turkey iran and russia supporting syria in the comments, but its funny actually, the real losers are the dumb americans, why? syria took your 2018 missile technology down with missles from the 70s, you lost control of syria to russia a long time ago, and now china's involved, good fucking luck with that. Russia all the way, love from georgia.



Pray for the people and children who are affected

Автор — Celestial Travel


What about all this alleged chemicals and gases being released into the air Where is EPA when we need them This is all bullshit

Автор — Tom Scott


Syria: Has a Chemical bomb facility.

Trump: Lets strike them with 100s of missiles so they won't use them!

Автор — [GD] ExoticDash


100 missiles and just a few spots hit?!?!

Автор — P R


Photos show NOTHING !! the ground view photo looks to have been a empty building .. really nothing to see here but photo shop !!!

Автор — craig bishop


What will it take for people to just work together instead of killing each other?

Автор — Octah


Exactly as the Rothschild family hoped..

Автор — Fugglestick theugly


This is wrong a war is wrong it needs to be stoped



I find odd that allegedly chemical facilities are destroyed and yet there is no chemical escape in the vicinities. I see rubble and dust but no disaster teams cleaning up. Pure bullying on Siryans to shake off ruskies. I guarantee this wont be the last "chemical" excuse we will witness.

Автор — Eddie Merc


Amazing we have pictures of aftermath, satellite images of Russia's ships leaving, but nothing, no evidence, no images, on Syria/Assad actually being the one who sent the chemical

Автор — First Name Last Name


I kinda believe that Syria did smack 70 of them, 3 locations if that was over 100 missals those locations should be massive holes in the ground... notice there all empty no deaths and no aircraft entered into Syria

Автор — hercg1967


Nobody is talking about how many American tax dollar has been spend on this operation which has injured 3 people. 😕🤔🙉🙊🙈

Автор — Iman Khabiri


for those who think this is wrong; it's human nature to destroy. chill out and deal with it.

Автор — OKAY


Maybe Trump is working with Syria to make it look like he is attacking them in order to lure some other nation into a trap...could it be Russia

Автор — Baird Carver


why did we attack we are people and they are people 😢😢

Автор — Delia Rodriguez



Автор — Misty Lilac