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Изображение Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Gay Version) Изображение Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Gay Version) Изображение Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Gay Version)
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Gay Version) 5
A remix of the Taylor Swift song You Belong With Me. The video was on You Tube. I remixed the ending to make it smoother. Wish I knew the one who are in the video. If It's you send me a message so I can tell you how good you guys did.
This has become a very popular video in the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas,Tx
I do not claim any of the rights to the song or the video.

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love it <3

-Philip & Shawn

Автор — PSrecording


"Waiting at your backdoor..." Yes. Yes, he was.

Автор — Glittery Kittery


me: *takes off glasses then immediately puts them back on because I actually need those to see*

Автор — Simone HoraHood


This was perhaps the cutest video I have ever seen.

Автор — Zachery Hobbs


Where's the kiss? OMG :( disappointed!

Автор — Defelper


"So relatable"
- No Gay Guy Ever

Автор — Felix Rivas


let me sensually remove your glasses before holding up a sign.... that you might not be able to read without your glasses?

Автор — kairosskai


i'm waiting for the kiss, man...

Автор — digna sanchez


if they kissed in the end i woulda give it a like a share

Автор — darky scythe


OMG! This just popped up on my recommended page after years from the first time I watched it. Very disappointed this only has 110k views, when 5k of them are probably mine. But I watched this in High School in 2012 and it awakened my sexuality lol. I mean not really, but, it did give me hope to go after one of my gorgeous teammates on our football team. But, Catholic High School and all, I didnt want to risk it. And wouldnt you know it, I came out last year and found out he did too. Should have taken the plunge. Damnit.

Автор — Jon Martin


This is literally the cutest thing ever

Автор — Skippy271


This video had me...until there was no kiss at the end. smh

Автор — HSMfanatic17


The actors are Matthew Francis and Mike Monroe.

Автор — Some Random Spider


¿donde se le pone "me divierte" a este video? enserio parece una parodia

Автор — jf ln


ONLY in Videos and Movies....Wish i had a neighbor that cute lol...Wish that would happen 2 me..:(

Автор — Steven Bramley


This is soo cute <3 Too bad in real life a jock only goes for "masc" guys and would never go for a dorky twink :'(

Автор — Rolls River


Anyone else realize the girl has a lazy eye?

Автор — HMMChorus


Would be gr8 if that shit happened in real life, but alas, tis only a fairytale

Автор — knuxfan23


This is amazing! Well done on the video.

Автор — Tough Angel Books


On one of these 2 boys t shirt its written Reshma ; its an indian girls' name.Lol but how.???

Автор — shia Behary


This is so cute! Especially for 2010!

Автор — ForeverFeel1ng