All Planet Sounds From Space (In our Solar System)

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All Planet Sounds From Space (In our Solar System) 5
(Some are bonuses and not planets)

Credit to NASA for these audio; these are not mine.

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Автор — Aryanatomy


The planets are constantly playing their ambient mix tapes.

Автор — Mr.Pat


The churches on Venus are going wild while Saturn sounds like an abandoned airport with ghost airplanes.

Автор — Me, a rat. BTS, the Pied Piper


Now im afraid of the sun... thanks alot

Автор — Elise LIRAS


Jupiter sounds like opera or like 👼🏻 angels idkyyy

But Saturn WHYTF

Автор — Courtney Dyer


I mean .. the Sun sounds like a microwave

Except it releases "megawaves"

Автор — STPFY


Dang it Saturn stole my fire mix tape wtf dude not cool >:(

Автор — Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


[Sun] 0:00 -> 0:36
[Mercury] 0:38 -> 1:08
[Venus] 1:08 -> 1:37
[Earth] 1:38 -> 2:07
[Mars] 2:08 -> 2:37
[Jupiter] 2:38 -> 3:07
[Saturn] 3:08 -> 3:38
[Uranus] 3:39 -> 4:08
[Neptune] 4:09 -> 4:38
[Pluto] 4:39 -> 5:07

Автор — Corrupted Data


why does saturn sound like me after seeing my test scores

Автор — flourites


Saturn sounds like Earth if North Korea, Russia, The whole Middle East, and The US all launched their nukes at each other at the exact same time.

Автор — Th3Jäg3r _


Saturn’s sound reminds me of a child screaming and crying for help. Its like Saturn is trying to say something.

Автор — Levaii - Gaming


the earth sounds like a vacuum cleaner

Автор — Martin Fitt


I was hoping to hear fart noises from Uranus

Автор — Paul Bria


Saturn makes better music than Jake paul

edit: thanks for 100 likes :D

Автор — Nate Phillips


Sun sounds like a light bulb, Mercury sounds like ghosts, Venus sounds like backwards bells, Earth sounds like 1 million fans on full blast, Mars sounds like secrets and whispers, Jupiter also sounds like 1 million fans on full blast, with a touch of ghost, Saturn sounds like Space Mountain, I don't want to know what Uranus sounds like thank you very much, Neptune sounds like cold, murder, and depression, Pluto sounds like the captain of the boat fell asleep on the horn, with a touch of space techno music.

Автор — BatSnacks24


Pluto sounds like part of the Half Life 2 soundtrack.

Автор — Th3Jäg3r _


Saturn sound literally like hell.

Doomguy's favorite planet.

Автор — POZ Gaming


The sun sounds like its farting

Mercury?? Are you breathing too loud again!!!

Venus?? Are you humming again??


Mars, you sound like wind

Jupiter, I like your music!

Saturn you sound like your screaming please stop.

Uranus you dont sound anything like farting

Neptune you sound cool! your tunes are cool.

Автор — Princess Luna 2018


Saturn the most disturbing sound! Sound like hell!

Автор — jack yazz


Sun sounds like laser.

Mercury sounds like a monster eating his damn dinner.

Venus sounds like the end of the wooorld 🙄

Earth sounds like a plane.

Mars sounds like someone building a damn house.

Jupiter sounds like someone speaking in a microphone.

Saturn sounds like aliens getting
tortured or a child screaming...

Uranus sounds like a Icy Wind lol Original.

Neptune sounds like death.

Pluto sounds like someone shooting some kind of Ice laser.

Автор — Levaii - Gaming