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Изображение Regarding the rumors about me today Изображение Regarding the rumors about me today Изображение Regarding the rumors about me today
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I get the struggle of making messed up jokes, Shane. I often make dark and offensive jokes with the goal of making others laugh. Nowadays, people are so damn sensitive. I don't get it. The world is not Tumblr. Stop being such babies, people and just learn to take a joke. I laughed at the beginning of this video because I love your jokes, Shane. Dark humor is good humor cuz comedy is tragedy in disguise. I did not hear about this rumor until now and I am really bummed out to see you angry/saddened by this fake news drama, but I congratulate you, my good sir, for going through all this bull crap and standing your ground. Stay strong, my dude! ❤❤❤❤❤

Автор — Ceann MaGraff


Shane! I’m literally waiting for my bell to ring. You have your fans (me definitely included) supporting you. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through but know that we’re here when you make your comeback. Got your back man! #IStandWithShane

Автор — ToneRulez


What pisses me off about this entire thing is that the person who posted it, their channel got terminated. Which yes, they definitely should've been, but Logan Paul's movie got put on "hold" and he got removed from the big ad companies on youtube. What the actual fuck is wrong with youtube. I feel like showing a dead body should've had maybe a little more of an equal punishment? But Shane, just know that all of your fans love and respect you no matter what! This was 6 years ago anyway! Hope you feel better about this soon. #IStandWithShane

Автор — Emms


Shane has loyal ass fans.💞The person who made the video nice try.😂😂 #istandwithshane

Автор — tamales for life


Conspiracy theory what if the illuminati thinks shane is talking about the illuminati so much in his videos that what if they are getting worried about it so tried to make him seem like the bad guy and so he would stop talking about them because everyone would turn against shane. (Full disclaimer i love you shane and i fully support you 100% and i think its sad that eveyone was giving you shit about it, you deserve the best)

Автор — Tynisha King


It’s obvious Shane is really sorry, plus the whole joke is out of context.

Автор — Everything Fallout


I've fallen in love with you and your channel. To hear about someone accuse you of something like that when your videos have helped me get past my depression, fills me with frustration. Every time someone in this world has fallen into a good place in their lives, it seems like something tries to come in and ruin that. If they're saying that, then they don't know you.

Автор — Flow Wolf


He has grown and we have all said stupid things and regret. I stand with you Shane I understand.

Автор — Infinity.Rainbow



I really don't know if you're seeing this but if you do (I'm really hoping so), I want you to know that I'm an 14 years old girl that loves your channel, I love your content, I love what you do and how you are (even though I don't really know you in person). From my point of view you're just so kind, you're a great like helping others and make them smile, that's not bad or evil. Everyone can make mistakes, making that jokes wasn't good at all but you thought that it will be just fine, I mean it is a joke. Like the "kid" I am and the fact that I am a girl, I just think and know that you're not a pedophile and nothing like that. You simply don't deserve this. I hope you get better soon and I'm glad that you have so many supportive fans to take off that negative shit. Stay strong and we love you, Shane❤

Автор — Grace Agosto1247


I need another conspiracy videoo😭 imy shane

Автор — Kanna Anggian


So sorry Shane your true supporters know you are not ❤️

Автор — Amie Kamara


Babes we will never leave your side i will fight for you boo #standwithshane

Автор — the truth boo k


Shane You are an AMAZING Youtuber. You always put a smile on my face:)) You are real, funny and such a relatable person! I will stand by you. Just like in your previous video, how Sophie sang to you mom, “Stand by You”. ISTANDWITHSHANE

Автор — Sahara?!


if i learned one thing, than it is making myself my own opinion about everything - and i know what i believe... it's not crazy shit people say, it's the realness i can see in peoples' minds - shane did u actually thought u have to apologize? no u don't honey, it's all fine <3

Автор — alina rfl


People will always feed on the innocent to cover up their own shit and draw the stories away from them. Some people are so sick. Much love and support Shane ♥️

Автор — Stephanie Diaz


We all make fucked up jokes. (But Logan Paul can go to hell) #istandwithshane

Автор — SunnyDayEverlasting


Your a Queen decapitate the haters!!!!

Автор — Kiwi Ninga


I swear people are trying to ruin you tubers careers these days

Автор — Ally Carter