Scaling the Guallatiri volcano | Now in Full HD | Top Gear | BBC — Авто и транспорт

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Scaling the Guallatiri volcano | Now in Full HD | Top Gear | BBC 5
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May reach the Guallatiri volcano and must choose between taking the long route around it or a shortcut by going over it!

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What I want to know is, what type of vehicle was the chase/camera car?

Автор — iforce2d


Hope they were under proper and constant medical watch. Altitude sickness is no joke (specially for heavy smokers, and JC is, if I'm mistaken someone correct me), and much less if you're doing something that requires coordination, as driving, and much more if you're driving in a place like that. This adventure could've ended in something pretty tragic tbh.

Автор — ramjb


"Jeremy is talking about being a team... must be the altitude." :D

Автор — Ser Schmuck


Summary: 3 men close together drive to isolation on top of a volcano, taking viagra on the way.


Автор — Harichi Kashanami


Richard has a car more rare than a Lamborghini a broken Toyota!

Автор — Manitha Chandrasena


It was time for drastic action. "Cyanide"? "No, Viagra."

Автор — Will Bergger


Just think.... Somebody BUILT those roads... Crazy dedication.

Автор — blindinjustice


apparently fast in top gear means shaking cameras

Автор — Nick R


3 grown men, one active volcano, 3 off-road vehicles, 3 viagra pills, obviously there filming the more badass remake of broke back mountain

Автор — Austin Melendez


Top Gear in 1080p. The biggest miracle... in the world!

Автор — Airplanefooood


They should've chosen cars with turbos - in higher altitudes they pump more air in the engine.

Автор — Hans Dampf


mad respect to the people who have paved the road when it's so difficult to just drive

Автор — Pradhyumna Gupta


You can tell they are visibly not feeling good. High altitude is no joke

Автор — Tim Young


Viagra used to be a heart medication, so it seems to be sound.

Автор — Matt Pelzek


Respect to the top gear crew who come up with the most dangerous, ambitious challenges ever and the hosts who even though were in trouble kept their spirits high and worked together at the most difficult situations.

Автор — Banta CT


"Oh God we just taken Viagra on top of the Andies" -Jeremy Clarkson 2013

Автор — Taj Man


One question remains.
How the hell where the underpaid cameramen taking good shots in that altitude, unless they were wearing oxygen masks

Автор — N012P


I was waiting for Clarkson to stand up at the end with a huge erection from the Viagra, LMAO.

Автор — rap game bob barker


Am I the only one who found this clip suffocating to watch?

Автор — megalodonming


"Do you feel sort of drunk but not pleasant?" hahaha

Автор — Rodgie Christian Cruz