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Why Anthem Should Scare You | Has EA Destroyed Bioware? 4.5
It's interesting how 2017 has changed how people view Anthem and its developer Bioware. Starters Battlefront 2 and EA decision making has overshadowed Anthem and its gameplay reveal that came at e3. With everything that AAA publishers have brought us this year, its becoming harder to be truly exciting about their games. However, there are a few reasons why Anthem may be something that gaming and gamers should be a bit less hyped about. This is more than just star wars, this is more than EA and bioware, this is more than just the trailer.

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Please check out Kasper on SoundCloud for some of the music used here! What do you guys think about Anthem? What do you want to see from the game? What are your fears for the game and how do you think EA will handle the game when it comes to the decisions discussed in the video? Also, how do you feel about Bioware?

Twitter: Cleanprincegame

Автор — Cleanprincegaming


The moment they announced Anthem after axing Mass Effect, I knew Bioware is dead. Sorry fan boys, Bioware is just a husk of its former self with EA's hand now controlling the husk.

Автор — Laughing.Man.d8D


Maybe Bioware will be able to make Dragon Age 4 without EA noticing.

Автор — The John Hopkins Company


Hey, Mass Effect 3’s ending wasn’t that bad. It was a mistake, but all studio’s make mistakes.

Автор — Fucking Butter


Bioware is just a corpse nowadays. Important members like the creative director of dragon age left the studio. Dragon Age Inquisition was built to the ground to be MMO, it was insultingly clear the more you played. EA ripped apart the value of Bioware's IP, if Anthem fails to be a version of FIFA billion dollar gambling scheme the studio is doomed.

Автор — Fábio Souza Medeiros Jr


clicked on the video thinking it was gonna be a B.S. rant. Then I actually listened to the guy and as much as I'd like to hope that Anthem won't be as terrible as he says, given EA's track record...I think it's just false hope.

Автор — JarJay Binks


While I agree with your video in general, the fall of Bioware started with DA2, not with ME3. That game was a huge, rushed out pile of sh*t compared to Origins.

Автор — Fryed91


Started Bioware's history with KOTOR? Please. You left of off the groundbreaking Neverwinter Nights and, the RPG ever made, Baldur's Gate 2.

Good video, though.

Автор — bluesdealer


Understand the founders left Bioware a few years ago. So no more blind trust should be put into this company as they are now totally different and as you said their quality has gone down immensely. Keep up the good work

Автор — Michael Coffey


Its not borderline unethical, it IS unethical. Its disgusting, its disgraceful, and there is NO EXCUSE for such toxic and borderline evil business practices. Yes i said evil, as the definition of evil is quote "immoral and malevolent" which all but defines modern day EA. They know what they are doing is unethical and down right immoral, they absolutely know this, so by extension, they are malevolent. If EA is forcing kids and teenagers especially, but adults to a lesser degree, to gamble, while making the gambling system profoundly unfair, they are malevolent, they are by definition evil. for example, i cant remember which EA game specifically, although its probably all of them, but EA made it so that when getting lootboxes, if you get An AK-47 out of a LB, its designed so that you get duplicates more often, especially when you just earn the lootboxes through gameplay, rather than buy them, to encourage wasting money on lootboxes, so that if you got an AK, the chances of getting a duplicate AK went up substantially. THAT is immoral/unethical, and malevolent, therefore, the literal definition of evil. And when i use the example of an AK-47, its just an example i pulled out my ass, it doesnt really mean anything. But you get my point. EA has continued time and time again to force people to gamble for things they might not even get, and then making it considerably worse for us by charging more money, making far less complete games, and making achieving these lootboxes and the items they carry through gameplay substantially harder and harder every game, while also making the rewards for buying in game items/lootboxes/ranks bigger and better, and therefore making it harder to not just buy your rank directly, or indirectly through buying weapons perks and other upgrades that make you artificially better. Its disgusting, its wrong, its immoral, and they couldnt possibly care less about how unethical and wrong what they are doing actually is. They have no shame, and dont care that they have no shame, because it makes them money, and undeserved money at that, as they have completely stopped selling us complete products on launch day, in favor for a 60$ beta you have to pay up to at least 100 more dollars to actually own a complete game. Its evil, its literally by definition evil, and while the game devs themselves im sure hate this, and we have seen many devs leave EA not only because they knew the pat to win model is immoral, but because they were uncomfortable doing that to people, aaand all the other immoral bs EA pulls, and its not the devs fault usually, but the evil corporate monsters that run EA. FUCK Electronic Arts.

Автор — Revolutionary Cinema Productions


Garret Gomes - It is NOT the idea or fact, that they are trying to make money - it's the underhanded way Activision - EA - and others go about it - it's the gambling aspect. If there are items for me to purchase - it should be MY CHOICE as to what that item is - from a given set of choices. NOT a roulette wheel of greed.
I do not give two fucks - if YOU, or anyone else, care for that TRUTH.
It is YOUR money - throw it at the screen all you want - I do in WarFrame a lot. But I KNOW EXACTLY what I'm buying and when.
Oh and as far as it goes - I WROTE the above statement - NO ONE else - if it looks or is similar to someone else - then they borrowed it from me. Which is fine!
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Автор — Aesir Woden


There is nothing 'borderline' unethical about dangling lockboxes (or other forms of gambling) in front of children - it's just straight out unethical.

Автор — Steve Spain


EA Kills Franchises.

EA Kills Developers.

EA Kills Dreams.

Do Not Hold Out Hope. It's EA.

Автор — tranz2deep


Im not buying the game untill i know for sure the game is

Автор — Little Light


seeing how EA has destroyed everything else so far...



I Disagree with your metaphor, Ea and Bungie are more like 2 dudes that sell you discount watered down drugs and then precede to rape your wife. And then leave Genuinely believing they left you and your family in a better place, expecting you to Sing their Praise. Triple A Gaming Needs To Die. So as new and Idealistic indie Developers may rise in what is now a Criminal Market. Only the Blind and the Moronic can't see the industry for what it is now.

Автор — K22 N34_Dingowarrior


People said that Mass Effect Andromeda killed Bioware but people fail to mention that it had a rather low budget of just 45 million and was using a game engine that they where not entirely familiar with thus why they had problems with emotionless faces and animation problems and the fact is that they where not allowed to have the resources they needed because they where busy on Anthem if it fails then it wasn't Bioware Montreal at fault but the one that manages the company which is EA many of the problems like Mass Effect 3s lack luster ending and the fact that in some cases the game doesn't even work on Windows 10 PCs and tech support has no goddam clue on what causes the AWC.dll problem that I am having. The reason for the ending was that EA wanted the game rushed to be out before the holidays, as far as DLC for the first 3 games they are good especially 2 and 3s. I actually enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda sure it has some fibs here and there but it is playable and entertaining in my opinion. I also looked at the sales for the game and I believe it did better on selling than COD infinite warfare did and that game had a much higher budget maybe people just got sick of a new game same shit but oh look laser rifles. Also Id like to see them make a second Andromeda as I feel that the strange benefactor is someone with ties to both Cerberus and the Shadow Broker because Alec Ryder only made his work known to the then ambassador to the Citadel who could of had a spy watching her from Cerberus and then the Shadow Broker because he needed to acquire something from him and spoke to Barla Von and Id like to see what Primus is going to do now she is in charge, but if they do make it take their time and do it right or as close to right as they can with as few bugs as they can get.

Автор — 02091992able


I used to think that EA was the sole reason why games are destroyed. I've learnt recently that the studio don't help due to bending over for the publisher or simply falling in line with the financial demands and constraints that are place on them.

But in this case it's different! I and many others would love to believe that Bioware is the little guy being oppressed by the 'The Man' that is EA. that Bioware are a studio of creative people being pushed to supply product by a fat cat, cigar smoking executive hell bent on making loads of money over good games. But this isn't the case.

Something has gone very wrong at Bioware. The creativity that once produced games like dragon age and Mass Effect have either been moved on or saw the winds of change blowing and jumped ship before the storm hits.
And OMG has the
The studio now consists of SJW's hellbent on pushing an agenda that we thought was only found in other mediums. We thought we only read feminism propaganda and watched leftist politics on we play it through a mediocre story and pay for the privilege.
Since Mass Effect Andromeda many have said this already but it was really in the last week that I felt it had really been proven. A tweet on Anita Sarkeesian Twitter page showing her visit to the Bioware studio in Edmonton. An entire studio of young women and one token bloke! Most of the staff had posted their thanks for the visit on her page and a quick glance at their profile showed a more that ardent fascination to feminism and socialist ideology. That is what Bioware is today, a full on, SJW haven. And any studio that openly invites and celebrates a visit from Anita Sarkeesian speaks volumes, doesn't deserve my or your money!!!

Автор — Quantum Grizzly


If *EA* bought all hospitals in the world every baby will come from *Lootbox*

Автор — SkullGM


Thats what you get when your hiring is based solely on gender and skin color, not merit nor experience nor talent.

Автор — A Manual Kunt