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Изображение SERBIA - STOLEN KOSOVO [MULTISUBS] Banned Czech documentary by Václav Dvořák Изображение SERBIA - STOLEN KOSOVO [MULTISUBS] Banned Czech documentary by Václav Dvořák Изображение SERBIA - STOLEN KOSOVO [MULTISUBS] Banned Czech documentary by Václav Dvořák
SERBIA - STOLEN KOSOVO [MULTISUBS] Banned Czech documentary by Václav Dvořák 4
All the rhetoric of the West’s fight against “Islamic Fundamentalism” and the “Global War on Terrorism” is proven to be blatant hypocrisy by US, NATO, and UN actions in the Balkans only a few short years before 9/11 and two years following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The global elites used bombing, “peacekeepers” and the usual power of the banks to oppose Serbian independence because the Serbs defied the New World Order by seeking a strong, united, ethnically and religiously similar nation in Serbia and Kosovo. While we should never endorse the bloodshed and brutality on all sides of the Balkan conflicts, the NWO’s goal in Balkans was to keep all of the states multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious. Such states are highly unlikely to unite behind a patriotic leader and oppose the bankers’ global hegemony. This “divide and conquer” strategy has been used countless times to advance the NWO. Recent examples include Afghanistan, where we supported the murderous Tajik/Uzbek/Hazara-led Northern Alliance against the murderous Pashtun-led Taliban. Getting involved in these types of conflicts makes it impossible to claim moral authority in a so-called GWOT.

This film was banned in the Czech Republic for its exposure of the NWO’s bombing of civilians in the Balkans.

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Below is an excerpt from an article published by Die Welt news.

"The reason is a 67-page long, hard-hitting analysis by the BND (German foreign intelligence service) about organized crime in Kosovo and a confidential report contracted by the German military, the Bundeswehr. In contrast to the CIA and MI6, both German intelligence reports accuse Thaci as well as former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj and Xhavit Haliti of the parliamentary leadership of far-reaching involvement in organized crime.

The BND writes: “The key players (including Haliti, Haradinaj, and Thaci) are intimately involved in inter-linkages between politics, business, and organized crime structures in Kosovo.” At the end of the 1990s, the report accuses Thaci of leading a “criminal network operating throughout Kosovo.” At that time he was a co-founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and led the Albanian delegation at the 1999 conference at Rambouillet that preceded the Kosovo war.

The BND report also accuses Thaci of contacts to the Czech and Albanian mafias. In addition, it accuses him, together with Haliti, of ordering killings through the professional hit man ‘Afrimi’, who is allegedly responsible for at least 11 contract murders."

Автор — 123 123


Kosowo jest serbskie i nic tego nie zmieni. Przyjdzie czas, kiedy Serbowie wrócą na swoje ziemie.

Автор — genitazy


Thanks for polish subtitles. Serbs, please remember, we are aware what US have done to you.

Автор — Damian Pomaski


Kosovo je Srbija !!! support from Poland.

Автор — hubert m


Podrska Srbima iz Poljske.Pozdrav iz grada Malbork!
Zivela Srbija, Kosovo je Srpsko!

Автор — xxx xxx


Zivela Srbija, zivelo srpsko kosovo, zivela CESKA REPUBLIKA

Автор — cajkan


Kosovo je Srbija. Europ is christian. Support from France

Автор — Florian


Albańskie brudasy..
Nawet te bękarty małe mają nasrane....

Mam nadzieje, że Serbowie zrobią porządek.

Автор — Sebastian Bednarz


Косово трябва да е на Сърбия! Поздрав от България

Автор — v63vav


kosovo is serbia, get out NATO killers

Автор — javier enrique cardona tovar


Thank you for sharing the truth. We love Polish people. Greetings from Serbia.

Автор — Aco Vucko


I hope one day ALL SLAVIC will be ONE with govermenths which will protect OUR SLAVIC interes. Not to hate others but only to protect our childrens.

Автор — Krste Skakić


KOSOVO is SERBIA Love from Greece



Albania is the second poorest country in Europe
They cant have Kosovo because they can't substain even themselves economically

Автор — 1 1


How can we Kosovars "steal" a country like Kosovo, in which we consist over 90% of the population? Did the Irish "steal" Ireland from the United Kingdom? Following your ridiculous logic that must had been the case. As for Kosovo, it was nothing else than a colony of Serbia. It was granted to Serbia in 1913, so that the European Powers at that time could prevent Serbia from gaining access to the Adriatic sea. The people of that region were never asked in a referendum if they want to be part of Serbia. What you call "stealing" is in fact this: The Kosovar people speak for their country. Not a ruling serbian elite with their nationalist ideological roots in the Milosevic era.

Автор — SugarLakeCity


shkive jo veq nonen po dhe motren dhe krejt vdekmkt duhet mja shkatru. qeni osht qen dhe shkavi isht shka. kto njerz zoti i ka nem. nuk osht gjyna nja ka nja mi pre kto dera

Автор — peter peterii


Szanowni, zwracam się tu przede wszystkim do Polaków. Czy te metody walki Albańczyków z Serbami nie przypominają Wam czegoś, te masowe eksterminację, palenie domów, wybijanie Serbów od staruszka po płód, tak aby w Kosowie ani ślad Serbskości nie pozostał? To są metody walki Ukraińców z Polakami, band UPA, OUN z lat 1943-1947. UÇK brała najbardziej bestialskie wzorce. Поздрављам српску браћу. Kosowo zawsze Serbskie!!! Косово је српско !!!
Даме и господо, ја овде претежно претварам на Пољаке. Да ли су ти начини борбе против Албанаца и Срба неупоредиви, масовно истребљење, спаљивање домова, задирење Срба од старе жене фетуса тако да на Косову не постоји траг српства? Ово су методе борбе против Украјинаца са Пољаком, УПА бендом, ОУН-ом од 1943. до 1947. УКК је узимао најљепше дизајне.

Автор — Adrian Treder


Kosovo je srce Srbije
Косово это сердце Сербии

Автор — Нико Белић


Podziwiam bohaterstwo Serbów. Kosowo jest i będzie serbskie.

Автор — Exterowicz


They learn their children early days of childhood to hate serbs!

Автор — Anna RS