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United Nations - LIVE 3
The UNTV Channel is available 24 hours a day with selected live programming of United Nations meetings and events as well as with pre-recorded video features and documentaries on various global issues.

UNTVchannel/ Live Schedule/ Thursday, 19 April

9:30 UN Annual Memorial Service

10:00 Security Council: Colombia

12:00 Daily Briefing

12:20 Briefing by the Spokesperson of the President of the General Assembly

3:00 Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

4:00 Security Council: Liberia

Evening Schedule:

8:00pm Daily Briefing and Briefing by the Spokesperson of the General Assembly President, Briefing Retreat in Sweden

Followed by:

- UN Memorial Service

- Security Council: Colombia

- Press Conference: Indigenous women defending human rights (PBR @ 11)

- Indigenous Media Zone, UNCA Club @ 10:00am

- Global 3000 Housing Special:

o Peru: A Tale of two Lima Districts – The Rich and the Poor divided by a wall

o Florida: Will homes weather the storms?

o Netherlands: Student digs in nursing homes

o Thailand: The push towards organic farming


مشاهدة المزيد من الأحداث الحية وعند الطلب في اللغة العربية مباشر من تلفزيون الأمم المتحدة على شبكة الإنترنت

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