Syria's surface-to-air missiles counter US-led strikes — Новости и политика

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Syria's surface-to-air missiles counter US-led strikes 4.5
Syrian air defenses were scrambled to confront the combined American-French-British aggression that targeted at least three military sites in Syria on Friday. Footage of the Syrian response to the Western missiles has been obtained by RT's Ruptly video agency.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Another imperialist aggression with the same rehashed glittery cover of “humanitarian intervention”. No evidence, no investigation, take the terrorists word for it and just blame the *Assad Regime* and *Russians*



Somebody is really desperate for a war..

Автор — I know That Feeling Bro


We have to bomb them to save them... Wait what?

Автор — danny notofconcern


I believe the Syrian Arab army have the right to defend Themselves from any kind of aggressive
Everyone knows that no any Chemical Atack had been used
By Syrian Arab army accept lies USA and UK and France are
Totally wrong and here let me just explain Something the
President of France who refused to went on War 2003 against
Iraq because he knows there's no any kind of Mass destruction weapons from Iraq regime but I don't mean here that I was Supported Iraq regime for Invaded Kuwait but the Propaganda Against Iraq it's similar as what we're seeing now against free
Country like Syri

Автор — Falcon Arakan


If U.S. DEEP STATE and most of it's government doesn't get topple within 4 years time, then I'm sorry to say that America is a nation, is DONE FOR.

Автор — ltmikepowell


Those lights in that city are innocent civilians trying to live/survive in their own country - these strikes are WRONG! This chem attack is a lie...

Автор — AbelieverofourLord


All I keep hearing is death to Americans like really...that’s our government not the civilians 🤦🏾‍♂️

Автор — RogueRonin


So they are trying to start a war...but not telling Americans????

Автор — Kauni S.


Time for the American gangsters to hang.
Saddam Hussein is waiting for their wretched souls on the other side.

Автор — proteusx


Russian TV is the only reliable news channel in the west. Keep up the great work.

Автор — Hertfordshire Allotment Life


Thank god for Russian's Anti Air missiles

Автор — Naduron0


Never thought I would say this but I'm disgusted by my country rite now fuck my government..

Автор — NeVeR EaT SoGGy WaFFleZ


RIP To Trump 2020 Run For Set Baits And Caught Him. knew better and didn’t attack Syria and got re-elected.

Автор — SomTopRoad


Lies Syria had not done nothing. Uk usa murders

Автор — danny son


Russia is on the right side of history, 50 years from now people will look back and see that the US government attacked Syria a sovereign nation that never attacked the US. Russia/Syria shall prevail.

Автор — LVPN


Wat r u doing Russia? Bomb their aircraft carriers and ships and bases

Автор — perceive 12


The rest of the world should have a walk out at the UN to show the U.S, UK and France Nazi actions will no longer be tolerated.

Автор — steven8888100


Trump is a sellout to the Zionists Jewish world order

Автор — John Torres


The US and its vassals action is an aggression that violates international law. It's crucial challenge to humanity

Автор — Jaguar777S


I’m Australian and I back Russia 100%, US are the enemy to ALL nations on this planet.

Автор — Ruth Parks