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Изображение Getaway Cars - Top Gear - BBC Изображение Getaway Cars - Top Gear - BBC Изображение Getaway Cars - Top Gear - BBC
Getaway Cars - Top Gear - BBC 5
The boys put a Mercedes S65 AMG, a Rolls Royce Ghost and a small Zastava to the test, in a getaway run from the Albanian police. Taken from series 16, episode 5.

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R.I.P James May. You will forever be in our hearts😭😭

Автор — Vauxhallmadness UK


Those Albanian cops know how to drift 👍

Автор — K P


*Top Gear has bigger budget than albania.*

Автор — Carpe Diem


Lol when the car went off the cliff I died

Автор — DommY CS


hahaha the dummy coming out of the driver's at 6:27

Автор — Alive


When I was 9 years old and i thought all of this was real and james was really dead.

Автор — #WWEThemes


If you pause at 6:32 you see James in front of the camra

Автор — CGamer535


3 english men rob a bank in one of the poorest countries in europe

Автор — Oassimer Remissao


You will never take me alive Copa hahahahhaah

Автор — Ali Cina


6:16 *falls down onto an almost certain death*

"Ah! Oh!"

Автор — Mikael Soltaniha


Oh crikey it's the Albanian rosers!

Автор — DarthIRGri


no james's were harmed in the making of this film

Автор — Lachie Campbell


"Why did we rob a bank at rush hour hammond?" XD Oh Top Gear. You will seriously be missed

Автор — Joshua Rosengarten


james is great "you never take me alive"

Автор — Sebastian Shaw


Back when top gear where funny and smart. They made such a great skit to stress out how great those cars where.

Автор — Bearz


I wonder how James May is still alive and not in heaven is a miracle

Автор — Generalofkills Genofkills


6:05 Pretty much how any chase ends for me in GTA Online.

Автор — PinkThornVlogs


Plot twist: they actually robbed a bank

Автор — Jack Booth


"Oh crikey it's the Albanian rozzers!"
Classic James

Автор — Callum McAdie


for police in compact chevy hatchbacks, they sure know how to oversteer

Автор — Finn Johnson


What's the deal with the Yugo? I mean, there's some kind of joke to this, right (that would be apparent if you'd watched the full episode), them driving around in it and calling it a Bentley? Can anyone clarify this moment? Thank you!

Автор — SwapBlogRU