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Getaway Cars | Top Gear | BBC 5
The boys put a Mercedes S65 AMG, a Rolls Royce Ghost and a small Zastava to the test, in a getaway run from the Albanian police. Taken from series 16, episode 5.

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The Albanian police sure know how to drift.

Автор — Kampfhund


If you pause at 6:32 you see James in front of the camra

Автор — San Andreas’ Finest Roleplaying Community


R.I.P James May. You will forever be in our hearts😭😭

Автор — Vauxhallmadness UK


Those Albanian cops know how to drift 👍

Автор — K P


6:16 *falls down onto an almost certain death*

"Ah! Oh!"

Автор — Mikael Soltaniha


hahaha the dummy coming out of the driver's at 6:27

Автор — Alive


3 english men rob a bank in one of the poorest countries in europe

Автор — Oassimer Remissao


You will never take me alive Copa hahahahhaah

Автор — Ali Cina


no james's were harmed in the making of this film

Автор — Lachie Campbell


"Why did we rob a bank at rush hour hammond?" XD Oh Top Gear. You will seriously be missed

Автор — Joshua Rosengarten


Back when top gear where funny and smart. They made such a great skit to stress out how great those cars where.

Автор — Bearz


You know its staged since the Albanian police are so determined to do their job.

Автор — Moe H


I hope the later episodes or seasons of The Grand Tour are less scripted. These three guys have real humor and chemistry that shows without scripts. They are genuinely funny together.

Автор — American Flag


How do the rozzers drift a Chevrolet Spark?

Автор — is musturd a instrument?


6:05 Pretty much how any chase ends for me in GTA Online.

Автор — PinkThornVlogs


"She, she rolls a bit more than the Merc!" the way Hammond says that, i love it

Автор — Sean McCormack


"Oh crikey it's the Albanian rozzers!"
Classic James

Автор — Callum McAdie


I wonder how James May is still alive and not in heaven is a miracle

Автор — Generalofkills Genofkills


"The next morning we found a bank full of money...and robbed it" XD

Автор — MEZ92


"Its the Albanian Rozzers" 😂😂😂

Автор — Ali Abbas