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Syria air strikes: US and allies attack chemical weapons sites - BBC News 2.5
The US, UK and France have bombed multiple government targets in Syria in an early morning operation targeting alleged chemical weapons sites.

The strikes were in response to a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma last week.

Explosions hit the capital, Damascus, as well as two locations near the city of Homs, the Pentagon said.

Russia's ambassador to the US responded by saying the attack on its ally "will not be left without consequences".

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Hope this doesn't start another world war

Автор — Aditya aditya


In the national interest? If we destroy the Syrian government and the rebels win it will be another Libya. It will turn into a home for extremists and slavery. I will never vote for her again. There's not even proof of attack, the rebels had materials, motive and history of these things so why do they think it's assad without motive? It's crap. If we always bomb when some one uses weapons like this it's just like giving into a ransom. Now the world knows what to do to get a free UK and USA airforce. Absolutly disgusted.

Автор — Ted Metta


Wait so the first time it was taken to parliament and didn't get passed so Theresa may decided fuck it democracy won't get me what I want so I'll get involved in a war without consent. So we're just handing out reasons for terrorists to attack us now? Fantastic. That woman makes my skin crawl. The face she makes when she speaks, she's a bond villain I swear to god.

Автор — UB3RFR3NZY


More wars for 'Our Greatest Ally' Israel. Thanks May!

Автор — Corporation Camp


Alleged chemical weapons which mostly also mean it’s nothing or another location they knew it has food supply or things that sustain the power in that country! I hate the news, politics and people who believe they know it!

I am sorry but news has been a lie since day one! People were happy in Syria and no one asked for this. Yes they had their struggles with the government but it was because they had a broken system ; similar to many in middle east but also better than some!!!

The only reason they got attacked is because they had different political views and they sure don’t suck genitals or have oil to pay for the love of the west or obey the bias in middle east in the power game. The whole act was put by others and they were never bombed by chemicals by their government!

It’s all again the Iraqi war when alleged nuclear weapons were in Saddam hands. It’s irony how all the new channels never cover the truth.
They actually had a somewhat decent lives until others didn’t approve of it. I don’t see you bomb other countries or fake their reality just because they don’t benefit you, they are punished?

I wait for karma to take a turn at those heartless people who think they own it and are aware of what truth is there. I had a summer house, friends and lived there for my teenage years! I have a huge respect for all the people who stayed there and remain in their houses because they knew it’s another political game and they cannot fall for it because it’s difficult.

My friends are able to work and live in a safe life except for the parts were YOU gave power to ISIS and aided people with guns to (show) their opinion. I never saw any political disaster as this because disagreeing with the government doesn’t mean killing them or aiding to that.

In all middle eastern countries, political disagreement isn’t allowed and is a crime, yet only in Syria it was powered from the outside since Obama was there until now.

I feel sick of how much easy it’s to others to ruin lives and not care! You will pay for your wrong doings one day because it’s all coming at you; karma doesn’t miss anyone.

Автор — Nerdy Snailie


Ah so she can afford bombs but she can't afford things for the NHS?

Автор — Itz:: Toxic


Mad dog May has totally lost here mind.

Автор — joistein


Hey Putin! Do us a favour in Britain please and nuke London. Preferably do it on a Wednesday.

Автор — Cardinal Biggles


...But Assad was winning, why on earth would he do the one thing that would cause the international community to attack him? I'm very skeptical about this, the official story makes very little sense to me.

Автор — Fox's Den


yes, Trump. Who is your friend? All the dictators in the Golf who are mass murdering children in Yemen?
Does Trump even think before he opens his mouth?

Автор — Abas P.


why strike when the investigatory team hasn't even started their job. why the

Автор — Anonymous Ahmadi


My prime minister should reduce my tax not spend on others wars
Please give me better NHS
British public

Автор — Mohsin Irshad


Globalists get what they want again. Sort out your own Country before trying to sort another. NWO at its best.

Автор — Rod Halliwell


why does Saudi Israel us get away with mass murder???

Автор — Anonymous Ahmadi


Funny how they decided that it was bashar al-assad regime thet used the chemical weapoms without giving any proof prior. Remember irak and the wmd.

Автор — Eric Dubois


Im glad that most of the comments see straight through the propoaganda machine that is the west.

Автор — Keshav Mahabir


Trump is now a 1 term president... all for greater Israel.

Автор — bernard Marx


A lot of angry people in the comments.

Автор — Benjy52


Why in national interest? Why? Do we need to "save" these Syrians with killing them with our bombs? Do we need something from them that would save us in someway? No! We know we are not saving them? So Why? Why? What bullshit!

Автор — Kathryn Quella


The US is the biggest war driver and is still financing the terror. Thanks to the media that does not even say half the truth.
Thanks to Russia and the Syrian army for helping people and even as human guardians. Thanks for trying to destabilize the east again...

Автор — stopptnix