"Modern Peugeot Driver" Adventures - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC — Авто и транспорт

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Изображение 'Modern Peugeot Driver' Adventures - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC Изображение 'Modern Peugeot Driver' Adventures - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC Изображение 'Modern Peugeot Driver' Adventures - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC
'Modern Peugeot Driver' Adventures - Top Gear - Series 22 - BBC 4.5
Jeremy and James take on a Peugeot 307 CC and a Peugeot 407 and are tasked with driving them like "modern Peugeot drivers"...

From Top Gear, Series 22 Episode 5.

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I had never laughed so hard at a Top Gear segment when this was aired!

Автор — AdamC3046


One of the best top gear segments in my opinion.

Автор — tek wiz


I don't know what Jeremy's complaining about. He pressed the button to increase the temperature and that's exactly what happened!

Автор — Clarissa McPigeon


This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on top gear

Автор — Neb


Shame they didn't go down a motorway, then they could have driven at 65mph in the middle lane with the indicator flashing constantly...

Автор — Zero Ninety


Top Gear just cost Peugot a whole ton of money over this.

Автор — Kleavers


"that's very nice of him he gave me a little push there to let me know he's going past."

Автор — Mark U


And Mr. Evans can't even talk while driving.

Автор — Lorenzo David


ARGGHHH how could they T bone a SW20 :-(

Автор — fredintheshed1


Double mini roundabout?

Christ, I'm glad we don't have THOSE in the US...

Автор — twotailedavenger


"Must be a shortcut. Bloody clever !" -May

Автор — the right mind


Whenever I drive pass a Peugeot now I keep saying maniac

Автор — Sanad Wir


I watched this last night instead of the "new" Top Gear cos no -one can be better than Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Автор — Julie Hughes


I don't know about everyone else, but I'm happy they keep uploading these clips. More enjoyment to be had from our favourites.

Автор — Andrew Bulman


One of the best parts was omitted. Jeremy was looking at the radio/CD changer and commented "Look, this car has a six speed gearbox."

Автор — sct913


7:50 - Ah, that house that Jeremy crashed into is his actual house! Er... it _was_ his actual house. During the filming of The Grand Tour, he loses a bet and James and Richard blow it up.

Автор — R.J. Lupin


I like how Jeremy pronounces Peugeot XD

Автор — Peter Fox


Apparently Peugeot have tried to file a lawsuit against top gear

Автор — Charlzey1998


I love this, absolutely do. This will never be made again.

Автор — Menno Haarlemmer


If I were you guys, I would not complain about French cars as English cars are the symbol of unreliability, electrical problems, mechanical problems and you name it. Ask those who owned Jaguars in the US in 70s and 80s. Ask those who now own Land Rover/ Range rover in the US. Ask those who own Mini, ask those who owned MG, ask those who

Автор — victorthegreat


Feel like we won't see much of this sort of stuff in their new show... :-(

Автор — Jack Bolton