Volcano Eruption Power Comparison

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Volcano Eruption Power Comparison 4
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We compare the scale, power and size of several infamous volcanoes and how they compare in size to others. From VEI index 1 to 8, we compare the power of eruptions of volcanoes from Stromboli (VEI 1) to Eyjafjallajökull (VEI 4) to Krakatoa (VEI 6) and even to super volcanoes such as Yellowstone (VEI 8) and even "hyper-volcanoes"!

Mt Tambora (VEI 7) has wrong plume height and tephra released, the correct one should be: Plume Height: 40km/25mi, Tephra released: 160km3.
Rinjini is spelled wrongly, it should be Rinjani
Additionally, "Hyper-Volcano" is not a real word and does not exist! But it sounds amazing!

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If the volcanoes are talking, they would argue who has the most powerful eruption. Until Io of Jupiter slapped them with his "Fire Spin".

And since my country's volcano (Pinatubo) belonged to the Colossal tier, i'm surprised.

Автор — Trishia Bidaure


5:13 was a great way to end this kind of video do you guys agree

Автор — Angel


There are so many eruption from my country, Indonesia 🇮🇩, 😢

Автор — Rigby Rigby


For reference, Mount Everest is 5.5 miles high. Some of these plume heights reach 80+ miles. Amazing.

Автор — TheYTChronicles


Some more:
VEI 2: Mount Agung (2017), Mount Galeras (1993)
VEI 4: Mount Laki (1783), Mount Galunggung (1982) (I visited Galunggung in 2009 btw)
VEI 5: Mount Agung (1963), Mount Hudson (1991)
VEI 6: Santa Maria Volcano (1902)
*Damn Indonesia...*

Автор — Itz NotDaBeast


La Gareta makes Tsar Bomba look like a bottle rocket

Автор — Galactica Schuyler


They all in my country Indonesia

Автор — kakak osas


where's taal and mayon volcano in the Philippines???

Автор — Emsans Sadyns


0:42 the stupid advertising finishes and the vid starts everybody

Автор — BioVirusOfficial


Why the hell are my Grandpa’s farts not on the list?

Автор — Gavin Visco


Yellowstone is the strongest of all volcanos there is no stronger volcano

Автор — Elwin Bektašević


And i think the biggest eruption Is Toba

Автор — Ice Bearium


Mt Sinabung, Krakatoa, Tambora, Rinjani, Toba is in my country Indonesia because the location between two continent Asia and Australia ( Ring of Fire ) that makes so many active volcanos mountain and earthquake.

Автор — weka Animal Lovers


What is this?? i live in Indonesia, and lot of colossal and modern Eruption is from my country. damn

Автор — Mizane Zooft


I know Pompei... Pompei eruction (Vesuvio) is in Italy AND IM ITALIAN AND I STAY IN ITALY. Vesuvio is in Napoli, Campania. It's the 2 volcano must Dangerous in the world. Pompei was the city of the Romans (history) and that eruption blow up ALL THE CAMPANIA AND THE ROMANS ARE SUPER DEAD. In the excavations of Napoli (for build an subway) they know a city under, and then they know it was the disaster of the Vesuvio. (I KNOW ALL!) BUT HOLY CRAP I DONT KNOW THE ERUPTION OF THE VESUVIO WAS SO BIG LIKE THAT.

Автор — Noemi Apple


The 1257 eruption wasn't Mt Rinjini on Lombok, it was the nearby volcano Mount Samalas, which is also on the Island of Lombok, and is now a large crater lake.

Автор — cunard61