Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version) — Фильмы и мультфильмы

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Изображение Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version) Изображение Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version) Изображение Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version)
Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version) 5

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tzuyu...she's strong and she doesn't laugh or talk or even cry so much but she's a human too i wish that she can show her real feeling in future❤

Автор — tzuyu is a girl crush


Tzuyu Don't worry you improved a lot😍😘

Автор — Tzuyu Jungkook Lover


Damn she had a hard time😭
Dahyun next please!

Автор — KPOP for Life


I believe all twice members tried really hard and they deserve what they have right now

Автор — Tina Chen


Tzuyu is strong girl.
Her crying time depends on the situation.
Tzuyu is the beautiful no matter with make up or not.
I love Tzuyu as I love Nayeon and as I love TWICE😍😍😍😍



I love Tzuyu so much
She's so cute and talented❤

Автор — arlen


now i want part 2

Автор — Abdallah Mohammad


NAYEON'S SMILE WHEN SHE TOOK TZUYU'S SPOT 😂😂😂 Nayeon a lil' sneak, but I still love her haha. So proud of how hard Tzuyu worked to get into twice! She truly is talented, beautiful, and intelligent. Twice is lucky to have her ♥️♥️♥️

Автор — Im Nayeon


Tzuyu has been through a lot. No reason to implement more retarded hatred upon her. Screw the haters and those no-brainers who brought politics into entertainment. 子瑜加油😊希望能在综艺上多看到你的笑颜😊

Автор — Jian G


Even Tzuyu not my bias... But i love her so much... She really pretty....She moved from her parent in a young age... She also not a person who easy to cry and show her sadness... She always positive... She worked really hard to be a part of Twice... I love her 💕💕💕(sorry my English are bad)

Автор — Myluv_ Jeongyeonie


what I like about tzuyu is she's more than just a pretty face.. she prove to her haters that she's capable of being an idol.. Tzuyu fighting.. 😘😘

Автор — yeol wie


And now other Once, hates Nayeon after watching this.

Wth people? It's a competition. Even if they're mean or rude, they're doing their best to survive! And it's a long time ago. Both of them are like sisters now. They improved and still growing up. Don't hate. (i'm not being offensive or whatever. Just sharing my opinion.)

Автор — Its ShiloC.


I really admire Tzuyu for putting up a strong front even though she might've felt anxious and discouraged at times. That takes a strong mentality and Im really proud of her 👏💖

Автор — momo's space buns


Actually I've become a ONCE because of tzuyu. I like them all now but tzuyu is just so special.

Автор — Love Harry


I want to watch TZUYU in the movie

Автор — Rebella


I just love how Mina said to tzuyu that her eyes only focus to tzuyu even though she don't have much line

Автор — Rossevelle Legisniana


The reason why I love this Yoda, her perseverance is so strong. She may not have the best vocals nor the body to dance yet she always showed that she can do better. Tzuyu you worked hard, I love you!

Автор — 엑소 x 트와이스


Awww i keep thinking that they are going through this now but later i am like wait they are in twice now i can breathe

Автор — cupcakelover14


Tzuyu is so precious there can’t be twice without tzuyu.

Автор — Akuma Kuma


Look how Jihyo said at 4:27 that someone with a pretty voice has to do it then Nayeon mention Tzuyu. Stop hating Nayeon y'alls.

Автор — My qtpie


And WTH, right? Everyone thought it would be easy for her because she's pretty but JYP was hard on her. I loved her ever since Sixteen but it's painful to watch her there. Even so, she still smiled, did not even curse, did not even hurt anyone because of sensutivity. Her kind personality was what made her my bias. I was so happy she was being strong.

Автор — EXO G