Are video games linked to real world violence?

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Are video games linked to real world violence? 0.5
Ben Shapiro gives insight on 'The Ingraham Angle' after President Trump holds a meeting on violence and video games at the White House.

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Yes, they make you become a skilled and dangerous murderer.

Maybe I should try out for the Brooklyn Nets because I’m an 88 overall in 2k.

Автор — rey1jj


Short and simple and ONLY answer is:
yes of course they do. I just got back from a baby murdering spree

happy gaming everyone!

Автор — Static Syndrome


So millions upon millions of gamers are insane psychopaths I think not

Автор — X6 88


What about the book inside the idiot of a Fox News viewer

Автор — Killer Comedy Unleashed


Did I take a time machine back to the 90's or something?



Video games don't make us violent, lag does

Автор — Rayzn your master


They show Smash Bros Brawl as an example of violence, that's how you know that these guys have no clue what video games are.

Автор — Magyk


"Whether its constitutional or not, we as a society have to talk about..."

-- ok when followed by a discussion on limiting the first amendment, unthinkable when followed by a discussion on limiting the second amendment according to Fox News.

Автор — narutofan9999


If this is true then nobody should ever really worry about Russia... tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of people have full training via games to take on the Russian army in most scenarios.

Автор — James West


I've had thousands of gamers tell me they're going to f#!k my mother, as to my knowledge no one has shown up yet.

Автор — Barry Curtis


Because Mario Brothers made children eat mushrooms and go into the sewer systems...

Автор — Paul O'Neal


Smash Bros? Violent?Nah.
But controller slamming in competitive Smash is the closest thing we have to real life violence linked to Smash.



I think video games do the exact opposite. In a game you are allowed to do whatever you want, kill steal, pillage, plunder. That way you release all your bottled up anger on to pixels on your TV. Better that then to go out and do all of those things in the real world

Автор — Cosmo Kramer


i saw ben shapiro in the thumbnail and almost punched my screen out of pure excitement

Автор — Seen Waddy


Blame video games movies books. Blame anything besides the person. What happened to personal responsibility ? Morons.

Автор — Solidus X1



Автор — Sean Terrell


I like Black Ops 3 and Im not a violent person ☺

Автор — MrSoldier1HD


you may know violence from COD but you don’t know true sadistic torture until you play the Sims

Автор — Alistair Drennan


Trump is just searching for something to blame for all the tragedies happening in the US right now. Guess it's videogames again. And OFC every TV channel, every other form of media hops onto this train. Does no one see, that it's bullying and guns all over again? Or is America just too proud to give up their freedom to be able to kill anyone anywhere?
Oh well, America just being America again, nothing special. At least it won't influence us here in Europe.

Автор — Carl Johnson


This was hard to watch. So much ignorance about video games. STILL.
If you don't like your kids playing violent games, don't let them. Its called PARENTING.

Автор — Thievius333