Are video games linked to real world violence? — Новости и политика

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Изображение Are video games linked to real world violence? Изображение Are video games linked to real world violence? Изображение Are video games linked to real world violence?
Are video games linked to real world violence? 0.5
Ben Shapiro gives insight on 'The Ingraham Angle' after President Trump holds a meeting on violence and video games at the White House.

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Yes, they make you become a skilled and dangerous murderer.

Maybe I should try out for the Brooklyn Nets because I’m an 88 overall in 2k.

Автор — rey1jj


Did I take a time machine back to the 90's or something?



"Whether its constitutional or not, we as a society have to talk about..."

-- ok when followed by a discussion on limiting the first amendment, unthinkable when followed by a discussion on limiting the second amendment according to Fox News.

Автор — narutofan9999


"The killer played violent videogames"

What did you expect he had interest in? Barbie?

Edit: OMG that Dave Grossman is a absolute fool. "In my book" *shows book* /shudders

FOX you are aware that rifle ranges exist right? And boot camps, that offer actual training of weapons and all are allowed in.

And trust us, CoD is not a war simulation.

Автор — ManThatYouFear


Wow... so much ignorance about violent video games and whether or not they actually affect people. He says heart rate goes up... pretty standard for any tense situation. Some of the matches in video games get pretty tense. These 'critics' like to say things like "all video games are violent". Really? Games like Harvest Moon are violent? Is Mario violent? I forget the name of it, but there's a game where all you pretty much do is skim around the top of sand... That's violent? Or that game where you are literally petals from a flower flitting across the breeze... THAT'S violent? Farm Simulator? Too violent for you?

How about all the studies, done across DECADES that have repeatedly shown that violent video games DO NOT contribute to violent behavior. Or the small number of studies that did, which were later debunked and shown to be false, with the person performing the study losing their accreditation? The evidence is not there to support this claim. I'm a gamer who plays these so-called 'murder simulators' and I have NEVER once considered going out and committing acts of violence. If anything, I find them to be a great source of stress relief.

If you want to actually do something... how about actually following the ESRB ratings? Games have ratings, similar to movies, for a reason. Gotta wonder how many of the 'squeakers' (pre-teens/teenagers, ie kids) who play Call of Duty have parents who didn't bother checking the rating of the game and simply bought it to keep their kids happy and quiet. I worked as a seasonal employee during the Christmas holiday at a Gamestop and I lost count of the number of parents who came in looking to buy the latest Call of Duty for their pre-teen/teenage kids. When I pointed out the rating, they responded with "Oh, that's fine." Call of Duty is rated M for Mature Audiences 17+. I dunno about you... but your average teenager isn't mature.

Автор — Clayton


Left: ban guns
Right: ban video games
Me: stop authoritarianism

Автор — Nowl Wane


I killed 687 men in Uncharted 4. my real life human kill count is still at 0

Автор — kwick818


1:08 She says Call of duty as if it’s some foreign word she can’t pronounce.

Автор — Nate Roberts


I like Black Ops 3 and Im not a violent person ☺

Автор — MrSoldier1HD


You know what has a lot of violebce, the Bible... People are chopped up, babies are smashed against the wall, earth opens up and swallows people... Let's ban the Bible!

Автор — Jonathan George


Get your facts fox, this is CNN level journalism. Absolute disaster of a interview for your network.

Автор — Gary Gill


>Video games
>Joins Army at age 18

Delete my comment Fox.

Автор — xXinsaneboyXx


Shit that means if i play fifa, i must be great at soccer, and if i am good at guitar hero, i can play guitar right?

Автор — Brad Kartar


Guy on the left looks like a South Park character.

Автор — Zookle


The video games aren't causing the violence, the violent people are attracted to the violent games.
Not the same thing.

Автор — marc adams


Norwegian killer did not prepare on video games so please shut the hell up he played warcraft for goddsake a game with swords and magic spells.

Автор — that norwegianguy


No one thinks about maybe if millions of these kids weren't playing games and had more time on their hands they would be committing more crimes

Автор — Tyler Roach


Oh shit i have conquered all of europe with nazi germany in Hearts lf iron. I am a monster.

Автор — juan santiago


Imaginary guns are more dangerous than real guns
-Fox News

Автор — martin austin


im going to play some doom in 4k in response to this video

Автор — FatherBootyHands