Xiaomi BlackShark Gameplay — Наука и техника

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Изображение Xiaomi BlackShark Gameplay Изображение Xiaomi BlackShark Gameplay Изображение Xiaomi BlackShark Gameplay
Xiaomi BlackShark Gameplay 4
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If you think again this the omly flagship that actually compete with S9 and iphone-x. A monster spec without following iphone design and cheaper than those 2 flagship.

Автор — Rizu Ya


I guess it must be fun to steal other people's videos :)

Автор — Jerry Chen


Stolen from chinese uploader DJ大手哥(see the top right in the video).

Автор — 李卓承


Yess i can finally play angry bird with proper controller

Автор — Hermawan Sutanto


This is just like buy a lambo but you only allowed to run 40-60 km/h

High spec for nothing, because much lower phone also able to play mobile game smoothly....

Автор — Aria Nugroho


Can you play vainglory with 120FPS on this device?

Автор — nQ_Qb GaminG


None of those games are high enough to say hardcore game.
Even my potato phone support all those games

Автор — kioshot play


*changes wallpaper*
*downloads nova launcher*

Автор — Asian Chocolate


put mhl function or mini hdmi output on this and it would be perfect

Автор — Adrian Ronald Sehat


If i wanna make a phone for gaming (ONLY FOR GAMING) why not make a 100% full screen ratio... no more stupid Notch, and no one (gamers) will even use the front camera...

Автор — V.Z.X


Hey man, try marvel contest of champions. Its high graphics game, i want to see if this phone heat or not. Right now my phone only last couple of minutes playing that game before heating out.

Автор — wan safwan


Add micro sd and a second controller on the side and that phone will sell here in Canada

Автор — Juan G. Sanchez


game thủ VAIN GLORY ĐÉO thèm con này nhé =)) ONLY IPAD =))

Автор — Doan N


wow I think I can easily play multiplayer games :)

Автор — nightcore farhan asi


kinda crap when you consider that an iPhone or any android flagship can play games just as well and have better designs, cameras, screen etc

Автор — Vinnie Sifter


Go bought this allll bcz pc games are coming to mobile just like pubg (released), fortnite (only ios) etc

Автор — M Daffa


Show to us the hardware temperature after playing games.

Автор — Ezequiel Gouveia