Trump departs G7 summit, protests continue

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Trump departs G7 summit, protests continue 3

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And many wealthy boomers are loving him in office, as they credit him with their great portfolio returns. Who cares about how people are treated? The "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" crowd are now in it simply for the coin.

Автор — Leftatalbuquerque


As a former American dairy farmer i applaud the way Canada supports its farmers. We in America have been sold down the river. If we had been pressured to lower production on the mega farms maybe small dairies would still exist.

Автор — William Jones


American taxpayers pay $4 billion in dairy subsidies every year. Do the math this is 31 cents per liter.
Canadians pay more for dairy because of government rules that do not allow free enterprise. Government is protecting the special interest groups here in Canada to stop you and I from buying a cow and start selling dairy.
Fair is fair - Americans want free trade then stop subsidizing your dairy industry.
Fair is fair - Canadians allow those of us that want to start a dairy business to do so in a free and open market.

Автор — Vancouver Island Waterjet


Threatening to do something, and then giving the "But I'm not going to do that. Why would I do that?" line. Such disgusting attitude, shameless, openly.
Donnie 2-scoops is trying to run the world like a maffia boss. Please Mueller, Avenatti, and all sound-minded voters in November. Stop this aberration.

Автор — tubularap


Thought I was watching CNN for a moment

Автор — Carlos


10 out of 10? Does he think he is grading a beauty contest.

Автор — Diane Rolfe


I know tariffs don't work but why does Canada have these tariffs?
270% dairy
69.9% Sausage
57.8% Barely Seed
49% Durum Wheat
26.5% Bovine/Meat
18% Table Linen
Why did Canada create "ingredient strategy" tariff in 2015?

To protect those important industries and curb US imports.

Автор — mike zzig


A 10? Your wife doesn't even think your relationship is a 10. When world leaders smile at you, they are trying not to laugh.

Автор — Kristi Valdez


Don't let this thing divide the planet, that's his plan. Trump does not speak for all Americans, so let's not tar them all with the same brush Prejudice is not going to help anything, its going backwards.

Автор — Kevan Gunn


Back in the 70s Ed Broadbent said... the 80% of our trade goes to the U.S.... if we loose that it would hurt Canada for a couple years.... the 15% of trade the U.S. sends to Canada if stopped would destroy their economy for years... close the border.... let them layoff 10 to 15% of their labor force ... what's their population... they would layoff approximately the same number of people as Canada has population... lol

Автор — Darren Michon


Next stop Singapore, by way of Amelia Earhart hopefully

Автор — Pauley Wallnuts


Wow, so arrogant these CBC "journalists". Get ready to bend over Globalists (and all their shills).

Автор — Max Stirner


As mad as you may be and as bias as this report might be, you cannot get mad at Trump for helping his Country, he is making change for his people. It is unfortunate that it is going to start problems but don't we Canadians wish Trudeau would grow a set and do the same thing? We are so rich with Natural resources and a lot of their energy comes from Niagara Falls, Canada etc etc. Most of you don't even know what you are actually mad about, you just hear reports and agree like well, Sheep. So what do you hate Trump for? He is so bad he is destroying the US, then how can you be mad at him at the same time for doing things to improve his economy? Make your minds up, be informed. I understand we are going to get the short end of the stick in Canada but that is because Trudeau is weak, he will not stick up for us as he should

Автор — Slugontharug


No, The world is the piggy bank for the US. You just consume and go to war with others people money.

Автор — Lucho Ferro


Not once in my 5+ decades have l ever been ashamed of being a citizen of the USA, until Drumpf.
I hope the rest of the world can expediently forgive and eventually give my country it's seat at the adult table once the guy is out of the WH.

Автор — No one you care to know


For a leader who you are claiming don't know much about economics his country is doing quite well don't you think? LMAO bunyof fools

Автор — badgernikes


Trudeau is the latest #metoo sexual predator, he groped a woman at a music festival in BC. He needs to resign, we cant have a sexual predator representing Canada.

Автор — B Kay


“Doesn’t understand economics” yet we have one of the best economies we’ve ever had.

Автор — dwillmore429


What is the Canadians crying about, we are letting them keep the illegals right? Please do enjoy them, our gift to you.

Автор — Dark Knight


President Trump doesn’t understand economics? He understands we’re past helping any country recover from WWII. It’s time for us to stop being afraid of a trade war. We hold all the cards.

As the president said, if we stop trading with any country, they’re the ones who would be hurt by that, not the US. What country? ALL OF THEM! There is virtually no country with which we trade that there’s not an imbalance against us.

Thank God America finally has a strong leader. The Obama apology tour is over. Hurray!

Автор — SusanBailey AmazingEstate